Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting well with Zumba!

Hi! I'm back. Supposed to be back from my church camp "holiday" but I had a little "holiday" of my own. In my room, on my bed. From last Wednesday, through to today, I'm down with the worst common sickness ever. A nasty combination of sore throat (loss of voice), inflamed tonsils, flu, cough, fever and occasional gastric. A lot better today but still not fully recovered. 

This sickness was so over the top that I couldn't bring myself to church camp in Cameron Highlands. But it did teach me a couple of things. For one, it has revamped my diet. I HAD to avoid all sweet things, cookies, crunchy crackers and what have you. Once I've stopped munching on them, I stop craving them. Also, I didn't have any cravings so there wasn't any need to snack. Without the snacking, I feel life is so much better, and so is my body. The way it is starting to look and the way it feels. Feels clean on the inside :D

My friend Evon got me this organic mushroom noodles from KL which is actually noodles that are made out of mushrooms I believe it was made into powder form and processed into noodles. So delicious, so healthy, I can't believe Singapore doesn't have it! Made a few recipes with it.

1. Stir fry with broccoli, goji (wolfberries), in a mix of oyster sauce and tomato ketchup. Yumm!

 2. Stir fry with salted eggplant, cherry tomatoes in tomato ketchup and sweet dark sauce.

And today, I decided to make some sweet dinner before Zumba (more on Zumba later). I made roasted sweet potatoes with cranberries and a crumbly oat topping. Had it with some organic chocolate soy milk, Silk. I ended up pouring the milk in and enjoying the dish. Mummy thought I was kinda crazy though! She enjoyed the roasted dish too. I can't remember though, the proportions of ingredients used. 

Perhaps I'll just list what I remember out and hope it inspires? 

Agave syrup, ground cinnamon. nuttelex dairy-free butter, pumpkin pie spice, Himalayan pink rock salt, balsamic vinegar... hmm this is all I can remember? Perhaps all there is too. 

Now, on to ZUMBA. I'm such a chatterbox today aren't I?

Zumba fitness is on the rise in Singapore. More so with middle-aged women who are seeking a fun way to workout. If you think Zumba is just another 'Dancercise', I urge you to think again. Zumba offers more cardio than running or going to the gym may provide. What matters is the intensity of it. Yes if you want you could attend an hour class and just glide through the steps... but for me, I take it as my form of work out as I've slackened on gym trips and sports. So I really pump up my energy levels and ensure that I give it a great sweat out. I've tried different instructors, classes but now I'm with Fiesta Fitness. Really loving my instructor Aaron. So yea, sticking to him for awhile :) 

Come on! It's banging loud club music, unique dance moves with your own precious body! What are you waiting for?!

I took part in the Charity Zumbathon- 'Ines We Can' and here are some photos uploaded by the event host. Circled myself out 'cos you probably wouldn't recognize! Was really not fully well yet, still not, but a good workout gives me wings (gonna snag Redbull's line for awhile!).

Here's some of my own.

Happy as a lark? You bet I am! It's like falling in love.

Zumba, I've truly fallen in love!

xoxo. God bless.

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