Thursday, July 28, 2011

The almighty green monster!!! I have finally attempted this chock full of goodness and man does it taste good. Mummy took a sip and agreed, even though she was highly disturbed by its color. Did I ever mention I love eating weird colored food. There are days I wish I could have blue eggs. Hmm.

Was in a major scurrying mode (rushing to school) so did not manage to snap the ingredients I put in, but I'll do so next time which will be soon :) I'm just going to name them here to share the love.

Green Monster
Dairy free

Spinach leaves, 1 large handful
1 banana
Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1 cup(250ml)
Vanilla spirutein protein powder, 1 scoop

Throw them all in the blender and whizz up some magic!

It was my lunch by the way. Woke up feeling so bloated, apples are just not good night snacks I presume. I had Gnu foods lemon ginger bar smeared with white chocolate dream PB for breakfast, accompanied by gallons of warm water.

The green monster lunch was at 11-ish on the go as I had to rush to school for a project meeting. Thank goodness for Mummy who sent me to school.

After school I headed over to Isetan at town and bought my favorite aunt from my paternal side a birthday gift. After which I bought some air-tight containers for my foods and some Japanese frozen food at the supermarket.

By the time I got home it was just in time for dinner. I had planned to take a half an hour leisure cooking time in the kitchen but plans were dashed when my brother was having tuition there. Bummer! Settled for an instant meal, again. I bought this Asian vegetable flavored organic maggi mee. Everything about it was healthy, 190cal- 10 from fat, low carb and all... but I spotted sodium at 1500+! So miserably disappointed but I ate it anyway considering my other meals did not consist of much sodium content for the day. Had it with some kai lan and snow peas. Super green day! Happiness.
It tasted okay, not magnificent or anything. The vegetables made it all better. I have another packet sitting in my cupboard in soba flavor. Sodium, sodium... how I hate you so!

I've been trying to cut out night snack these days as I'm always overwhelmingly full after dinner somehow. Sometimes I give in 'cos the hour before dawn is always a peckish one, then I get so bloated all the way through morning and my favorite meal of the day- breakfast, gets compromised. Why is this happening to me again? My weight remains the same though so I do not know why. Hope the weekly ion osmosis detox will help. Instead of fruits, if I do have a night snack I'm going to try having veggies next time round and see how it goes.

Drop dead diva's in the house tonight. My favorite English show on Channel 5 right now. Glee runs closely behind.

xoxo. God bless.

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