Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm back! Spent the past 2 days over-eating in oblivion. I was not worthy to utter any word on health. But I'm back with a stronger willpower now. Every day is a fight, and with downfalls comes experience and strength.

I did not have breakfast today cos' I overate last night. Half a pack of Arnotts custard cream cookies and 3 madelines to be exact. After a 17 hour fast, this was my first very simple meal. Steam and pureed broccoli with white chocolate dream PB. Got it done with my new Philips Avent steamer blender, works like a gem. The $176 baby.
I went to BodyInc after lunch for my ion osmosis detox session. It is basically a technique to force the toxins and acidic matter out of the body and blood through their detox machine. My condition was quite bad with the existence of yeast and some other things. I blame the binges. I was recommended to come weekly and I shall. It is only 45 minutes and I get to read their health books and sip on their home-made tea while I'm at it. Love their great service.

Came home at 4-ish and snacked on a wedge of pineapple. Yummy and refreshing!
After my treatment located at Takashimaya, I actually strolled over to Centrepoint at Somerset and stocked up on my "instant" food. Xndo! Here's my loot!
The usual must-haves! This time I got 3 Hainanese fish rice and 1 Thai-style mango fish rice. Kind of regretted not getting more of the mango one, after all it is my favorite of the lot.
You might have missed the countless television advertisements, but I did not. This nonya fish hor fun has been flashing across commercial breaks ever so often that I made it a resolution to try it whatever the consequences may be.
These guys are new on the shelves too. Sampled a couple and decided on these 4. It's basically freeze-dried vegetables that are very healthy. The only ingredients is the vegetable itself and some vegetable oil. There are fruit chips too but I decided green was the way to go. Okra (ladies finger), Broccoli, Pumpkin and Taro. My favorite is the pumpkin but who knows if the other guys might change my mind :) Keepers!
Dinner was simple, just the way I like things. Economic rice stalls make me mad. Why so complicated?

I had roasted sweet potato fries coated in sweet paprika with 2 pretzel rods and hummus. I did not really like this brand of Chris's light and fresh hummus. Athenos is still my favorite, but they don't seem to be in stock at the moment. Too many people's favorite too perhaps?
Having a night snack now of Barbara's organic oat and honey granola bar. Yummy. I liked the stuff I ate today actually. Really simple natural flavors. Call me a weirdo, but so long as this tummy is satisfied and pain-less, I'm a happy bird.

xoxo. God bless.

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