Saturday, July 23, 2011

The latest addition to my nut butters! Peanut butter& Co White Chocolate Wonderful. Always been a chocolate hater but I do find myself enjoying white chocolate unconsciously. This doesn't specifically have white chocolate bits but more of a flavor infused. Got it from Brown rice paradise yesterday.
I went to Velvet at Zouk yesterday night for a Curtin freshmen event. Some of the student committee members invited the graduating batch to show our support for them planning the event. So a couple of friends and I went down to do just that. This was my get up. The theme being black and white or prints. I have neither of either! Ransacked my wardrobe any found this old Forever21 dress, paired it with my favorite Zara boots.
I had dinner at Tanglin mall's Cedele which was roasted vegetable soup (dairy-free) and rice salad. I have always wanted to try their rice salads but the sandwiches always steal the show. Since I had made myself a dairy-free tuna salad sandwich for lunch, it gave me ample reason to try this out. Fabulous! It was brown rice with mushrooms, pumpkin, broccoli, almonds, walnuts, wolfberries, water chestnut and garlic. Satisfying. It last me through the night till' I got back home at almost 2am.
Daddy bought me this from London! He landed early this morning. Well, London is the land of Ribena... okay, actually just where Ribena first began. Their Ribena does taste very different! Like how oreos from Australia will always be superior to our made-in-Thailand ones. This is the strawberry version. Not our local blackcurrent+ strawberry, instead, PURELY strawberry. It was my breakfast today as I was still full from dinner last night. It tastes exactly like Fruit-tips in strawberry flavor.
Lunch was a hurried affair. Mummy was sending sis out and since I had to leave sooner or later, she suggested sooner. No time for lunch, no appetite either. Sliced 1 NZ rose apple and topped it with white chocolate wonderful PB, with 2 pretzel rods on the side. I had lunch in the car.
I went out to buy my God-nephew's one-month gift. Did some shopping for myself too. Wedgewood gave me a call to inform me that the Peter Rabbit latest item is in! How timely, I went straight down to get it. It the same cup, mug and bowl set in a new design. I love it so much!!!

I finally bought the Philips Avent steamer blender, some cooking utensils, organic tempeh and some small things. It all added up to about $400. I had intended to go and buy protein powder after that but the shopping load did not let me budge, so the staff ferried me off to the taxi stand, helped me in and off to home I went.
Dinner today was steamed and mashed Japanese sweet potatoes with nuttelex. Simple and satisfying. Hits the spot every time with its dairy-free creaminess and natural sweetness. Isn't the Philips Avent bowl so cute? Toddler-style I know but it came with the steamer blender. Waste not.
Supper while watching Channel U, sliced Dole banana, 10 green grapes from London topped with Justin's honey almond butter. I love fruits and nut butter! What else can I saw about this combination? Marvelous.
xoxo. God bless.

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