Monday, August 15, 2011

Bloated gastric days painfully torture me.
Breakfast before school at 6-ish, was suppose to make cookie dough oatmeal, a recipe I've been dying to try but bloated days don't have room for new recipes, sob. So I thought a good warm oatmeal would be good but I got more bloated than ever, double sob.

Quaker quick oats, 1/3 cup Almond Breeze vanilla, 1 mashed banana, cinnamon, stevia, 1 tablespoon white chocolate dream, topped with Mrs Mays strawberry almond granola bites.
After school I did some walking from the train station to United square for a solo lunch at my one and only Cedele. I was still bloated but I felt the gastric hence could not deprive myself of what my beloved body is crying out for- food! I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted. The soups of the day were either with dairy or tomato-based, so no can't do for me. I went for a Grilled red pepper quiche and Burmese tofu salad with coriander in balsamic. I've had the two before so quite happy, but having not eaten milk and eggs in awhile, the quiche felt kinda too thick and all. But I can't resist my urge for anything with crusts, unless it holds chocolate.

After that I roamed around looking for birthday presents for my good friend Adeline, nephew Caleb, cousin Esther and niece Hepsi. Couldn't find no nothing! So I went to Tanglin mall to empty my wallet at Brown rice paradise. Here are my buys.
1. Read a review claiming this was the best oat milk, Pacific low-fat vanilla oat milk, Oatly kinda didn't make the cut for me. Stocked up on more Almond breeze vanilla, this time an unsweetened version. I'll see how it fares when I finish my current one, very soon.
2. Rowse Canadian Maple syrup. Previously I was so ignorant and bought Macdonalds grade A maple syrup (which I have finished after drenched Sunday's lunch), however the ideal grade would be B. Which is the case for the one I got today.
3. Finally! Organic oreos from Simply Life. Delicious I am so curious as to how these guys taste. Even though compared to the regular oreos of 2 pieces=52 calories, this is 2 pieces=150 calories. I totally disregard the calories cos' these are just made with more sustainable wonderful ingredients. Egg free, gluten free, wheat free, corn free, no preservatives and according to the ingredient make up, it is dairy free too. Cookie and cream without all those stuff! Really? We'll see :)

Got a bar on impulse because I heard a good review from a health blogger, earnest eats's blueberry vanilla crackle bar. It's 2 servings per bar though, so gotta have to break it into half when I have it.
4. Bob mills sweet white rice flour. Reminds me of my Japanese Mochiko, which is sweet rice flour for making mochi. This one makes all kinds of stuff, in my case, gluten free muffins.

Bob mills gluten free Polenta. This was bought because I'm intending to make some gluten and yeast free pizza, and corn bread too. The time has come.
5. Earth's Best first squash in a jar. Why am I buying baby food? I think they are a great time-saving stir-ins, not mentioning healthy too. I usually just use the carrot ones to make carrot muffins. This time this mini thingy is going to be made into pumpkin oatmeal. When I get better of course.
6. Stock up! My most favorite PB, white chocolate wonderful by Peanut butter & co. I think it is almost dairy free too, just has some minimal cacao butter. A new addition, IM. Healthy's honey soy nut butter! Nut allergens tend to take this and while it will definitely never replace my dearest nut butters, it is a good addition to the collection. Soy nuts are not nuts, unlike the name suggests, it is alkaline hence good for the body.
Dinner. So glad I found it in me to have dinner. 1 persimmon and 1 mini tangerine sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with 1 tablespoon of honey soy nut butter. It was nice, didn't swoon over it like I did for white chocolate dream, but I can imagine this guy sticking around for quite sometime. Perhaps will try adding it to my stir-fry veggies.

I'm trying to follow my alkaline/acidity food chart that I purchased at Body Inc. I think it is a helpful guide, not necessarily one that I have to live but really a 'good to know' kind thing. Ideally an individual's diet, plagued by gastric or not, has to be of a 80/20 alkaline/acidity ratio. More on that next time. Till then....

xoxo. God bless.

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