Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brrreakkie! Decided I might need something warm. Warmed up Almond breeze vanilla in my Peter Rabbit mug and had it with a dry bowl of Quaker Oatmeal squares, 1 nectarine from London (so sweet!) and shakes of cinnamon. I felt quite okay awhile after breakfast.
Lunch was another new recipe! Raw carrot raisin salad in cashew cream. Dairy-free! It taste alright, would have been better if I used the normal raisins. Cos' I used this organic orange infused raisins from Nakd. Too orange-y for me. Had this salad with an uncaptured banana and honey soy nut butter.

Raw carrot raisin salad in cashew cream
serves 1-2

1/4 cup raw cashew nuts
1/4 cup raisins
2 tablespoon fresh orange juice
2 tablespoon milk (I used Oatly)
225g carrot, grated or shredded (about 3 medium carrots)
A generous shake of sea-salt

1. Soak raisins in hot water for about 5 minutes and drain.
2. Blend 1 tablespoon raisins, 2 tablespoon cashews, orange juice and milk till smooth.
3. Shred or grate carrots, stir in the "cream" mixture, add sea-salt and stir in remaining raisins and cashews.
4. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before consuming.

Note: If raw is too much for you, use baked cashews instead :)

[insert Greamer and me here]
Went for my appointment with my doctor at Rafflesian clinic. So the bloat isn't a case of gas. After analyzing, it could be a case of yeast, COULD. So I was prescribed something to kill the yeast. Took a full blood count test as well.

Dr. Janice Khoo told me that I should try attempting to count calories. My weight took a slight dip even though I thought otherwise with my bloat. I do take note of calories but actually counting my meals? Hmm.. that might be something interesting. The idea is that since I do exercise and for any average individual, calories are being burnt everyday with or without exercise, it is important to find out if my body is being replenish or more so, pumped in with more to make up for the loss. I love my doctor because she takes the time to understand where I am coming from and analyzes my overall situation not just on a one-dimensional aspect. It is very comforting to know that there is someone who is really trying to help.

After the appointment which was almost an hour, Mummy and I went to SkinFood and I got some stuffs. Extra virgin olive oil essence hair spray, sugar hand cream and lychee essence hair mist. As their brand name suggests, they use food to provide remedies for the skin. I particularly love that idea. Naturalism much. Recently purchased their rice concealer and it's really pretty good!
Dinner was a baked sweet potato with a side of Athenos roasted garlic hummus and Xndo taro chips. The taro chips were more nay than yay. I sampled it at the time of purchase... wonder why. But it's kinda alright, tastes like the average unhealthy tapioca chips, which I don't fancy at all.
After any medical consultation I always come up with a whole new plan. This time, I'm just going to follow the most basic advice. 'Eat all things in moderation'. Yes I need carbo, but in moderation. Yes I need protein, but in moderation. Yes I need fruits and vegetables, but.... wait, I'll never get enough of them! :)

What I really wish to do is eliminate foods that are high in bad fats. I love good fats such as avocado and nut butters, as they contribute to positive brain functioning. But saturated, trans fat found almost everywhere around us, is a 'no can't do'. I cannot get pass myself to eat KFC or Pizza hut, etc. Not just their screaming unhealthy issues, but fast food joints and their unethical businesses. In fact, I cannot see any reason why I should not stick to my favorite Cedele and sushi when I am out. What makes me happy counts, yes? :)
xoxo. God bless.

PS. Healthy Times Hugga bear honey graham cookies for night snack.

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