Saturday, August 20, 2011

Did you get a shock upon looking at my breakfast? I was in a slight hurry so a really good smoothie it was. Mummy looked at me a tad bit freaked out and asked, "what's that!". I reply with my usual answers that either leave people disgusted or confused. "It's a smoothie..... blueberry, banana, protein powder, almond milk, chia seeds and cinnamon," I replied. She took a second glance, threw me a disgusted look and walked away. I am so used to such stares it doesn't affect me anymore! Haha. Too bad, so sad.
Lunch was rather confusing. I was rushing out and hadn't intended to have lunch a home. In the end I made a pit-stop at home and put together some weird lunch, another attempt to clear the fridge. I had the last London nectarine, the last tapioca hot dog bun smeared generously with honey almond butter and topped with cinnamon (SO GOOD!), and 2 banana fritters Mummy made in the morning. I just might have grabbed another 2 more? Oops!
In the evening parents picked me and we went to Caleb's birthday celebration. My dear nephew turns 1 years old. I'll share photos of him on my other blog. This is just a snap and run kinda photo. I was so tired already.
Believe it or not? That was my dinner! I contemplated on eating before going but before people question me and go, why this? why that? I decided to have dinner there, also with mummy as my secret spy who got information that catered food wasn't spicy. On the plate, Hong Kong stir fry noodles, lemon fish and egg tofu with vegetables. This wasn't it, an hour after that, my aunt gave me a slice of the birthday cake. She understands my condition and works in the medical field, but she said, "just for today okay?" I didn't want to reject so I took it, cakes, hello? Cake queen here will never reject. I'm dairy, gluten, yeast free as much as I can, but when it comes to cakes..... hardly possible. If I had a dime for every time I gobble down a cake...

The cake was so interesting. A fondant cake with a black forest filling! I hate chocolate, but black forest has always been a childhood favorite. Bakeries never really had stuff like strawberry shortcake or cookie and cream. It was either pandan, black forest or mango for me. After the cake, the cake queen (me) got down to business. 5 chocolate eclairs with the chocolate layer peeled off (heh), 3 strawberry cream cheese cupcakes baked by my cousin Sharon herself. All in the name of my nephew's 1st birthday? I suppose so!

Lets end this off with my cousin Sharon, the birthday boy Caleb and yours truly.

xoxo. God bless.

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