Sunday, August 21, 2011

It was an almost perfect day... until...... you'll see.

Breakfast, Biotta potato juice and 10 Fukuoka seedless grapes. Black grapes from Japan/Taiwan tastes like wine, ever so divine.
Biotta's potato juice is juice that is freshly harvested and pressed from organic potatoes. Rich in base-forming minerals and works as an aid to the stomach. Due to large amounts of starch found in potatoes, it produces a positive effect on an acidic stomach (yay), especially good for peptic ulcer. Now you would understand why I bought potato juice in the first place :)

Lunch after church at around 1pm. Raw carrots, 1 green apple, 1 banana and 2 tablespoon white chocolate wonderful :) I had fun with lunch, super filling by the way!
I got down to work in the afternoon, and sat in my bed using the laptop, fell asleep during the hot afternoon without any fan switched on, all the room light brightly shining and tucked under 2 blankets. I'm a weirdo like that. Woke up and watched some Korean drama.

While pondering what to make for a healthy dinner, Daddy got home with some self-purported healthy Indian food for me. Plain naan and tandoori chicken. Naan is made in that odd looking charcoal oven and so is tandoori chicken. This gives it a smoky flavor and reduces the need for oil. Tandoori chicken's marinate is actually yogurt based. These are what I understand of the two. So I put together one plain naan, 2 pieces of tandoori chicken and some lotus root from the lotus root chicken feet soup grandma made at lunch. Uncaptured, some orange sugar to roll the naan in. I'm a sugar and prata kinda girl.
Now you'd think that was all alright, right? Now that's where you're wrong. I major binged after dinner. Couldn't control myself, let me recap. Potato crackers, Japanese mixed nuts and seafood tidbit, madeline, sugar crackers, red bean bun, 10 butter roll biscuits, .... can barely remember what else. Well, at least at the end of it (now), I have figured out the trend. When I have an unsatisfying dinner, this happens. I didn't enjoy dinner just because. Then it all started. It is very dangerous especially given the fact I have gastric and a weak digestive system. Usually the after-binge effects can last for up to 2 days, I kid you not. I'm struggling, really struggling. But I have yet to acknowledge if this would be considered some kind of compulsive eating disorder. I need help but I refuse to acknowledge it and see it as a problem.

For the next week my meal plans shall be kept simple and fresh. Raw where possible and I repeat (for the gazillion-th) time, I just want to love myself.

xoxo. God bless. Pray for me.

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