Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kon'nichiwa! Don't you just love greetings in Japanese? :) Haven't been around for days!!! Over-eating, feeling sick, birthday parties and cakes. That's what the past few days have been about. I'm glad I've broken through it and survived.

Let's get back on track shall we? Woke up "late" (8ish-am) and my whole jaw felt swollen. Might have clenched my teeth too tightly last night. Silly me reached for an organic green apple and tortured myself by biting straight out of it, youch! Ended up cutting it into bite-size minis and taking even more smaller bites out of it. Added a Luna cookie dough protein bar to the breakkie meal.
A glorious lunch! Jaws were still painful so the good ol' GM it was! This is the ultimate! My favorite of all. Threw these in the blender. 1 baked Japanese sweet potato, 1 cup spinach, 3/4 scoop Spirutein vanilla protein powder, 1 cup Almond breeze vanilla, generous shakes of cinnamon. Gobbled it down in 10 minutes while packing my bag simultaneously, before dashing off to school for the weekly group meeting.
I walked home in the comforting heat at 430pm, called me mad but I love Singapore partly because of the loving heat (which does kill me at times too). I took that as my 'exercise' for the day. Been too busy to head to the gym this week. Hopefully Friday will lend me some time.

Reached home, snacked on a Jammy Sammy :)
Dinner was another liquid-y meal. Painful jaws. Almost raw too but I hadn't all the necessities for raw living, so most of my "raw" foods would basically be labelled, 'almost raw'. I had an almost raw carrot macadamia soup. Threw these guys in the blender. 8 whole raw macadamias, 5 or 6 raw baby carrot sticks, a teaspoon of orange sugar, pinch of sea-salt and about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of skim milk. Topped the soup with unsweetened dessicated coconut and a tinge of orange sugar.

Okay, question!!! What is orange (colored) sugar? I have been 'googling' it for 2 days and have yet to find any help. How is it derived and what are its nutritional values? I don't enjoy eating things if I have no idea of its roots. Indians use orange sugar for their desserts and that's about all I know.

Anyway, had a dessert after the soup which was really light surprisingly, maybe I didn't add enough macadamias, but the high in fat nut does scare me sometimes, and it is my least favorite nut of all. Just challenging myself to eat it for it's vitamin E benefits. Decided to throw in some dessert which is something from my good childhood memories. Milo powder! Don't you just love eating it like this? Spread it generously on bread with butter or condensed milk for a slice of heaven :) Moderation is all we need.
I'm so proud of myself. Finally getting the idea of moderation. We don't have to completely eliminate foods from our diet, rather by treating ourselves to it once in a while does satisfy our body and mind and hence a reduction in the tendency to binge. My weakest point would be cakes.

I have decided that at a maximum of once a week, I shall treat myself to A SLICE of cake. But of course done wisely (and outside to avoid binge eating). By wisely I mean at good food places, Cedele for one is definitely my 'go-to' for cakes. Ideally the dairy found in them is something I'm not positive that I can have, nonetheless if I do have it in minimal (since I don't incorporate dairy in most of my meals) I am guessing I should be fine. Trial and error, we'll see.

Currently reading Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, a US publication. It is both interesting and hilarious. The Americans do have a crude sense of humor. Some funny quotes.....

"If we gain 20 pounds, our belts run out of notches and we have to use a rope."
"...disrespectfully ignore millions of dollars' worth of advertising genius and go refill their plates."
On the idea that people should weigh themselves instead of judging from how our clothes fit, "some people have to go to jail to learn this lesson."
Simply hilarious!

xoxo. God bless.

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