Thursday, August 25, 2011

My love affair with oatmeal is going to go long time! Grape PB oatmeal rocked the morning. Fukuoka grapes, Smooth operator (creamy PB), Quaker quick oats, Almond breeze vanilla, cinnamon and maple syrup. Oats is my 'happy meal'.
Lunch after my medical follow-up at Novena medical center. Bad news.... somewhat as I expected. Almost 3/4 of the various blood aspects are all low. Headed over to QQ rice for lunch. Yummy! It didn't disappoint. My mix up was purple rice stuffed with carrot, spicy radish, Japanese cucumber, corn and chicken floss. It went down well. Happy me :)

After which I went to town to just roam about, ended up walking to Tanglin mall and visiting my favorite Brown Rice Paradise. Thought I'd just peek around but ended up buying $100 worth of stuff.
What do we have here lets see. Tapioca dinner rolls, Crystallized ginger by The Ginger People, Biona vegan green pesto, Vegan carob chips, 2 Luna bars (cookie dough, cookies and cream), Bragg's sea kelp seasoning, Cheese and chives oat bites, Nayonnaise (an egg and dairy free mayonnaise substitute), Relaxing room spray, Regular oats, Somersault salt and pepper flavored seed nuggets.
After that I popped by City square mall's Four seasons organic supermarket to use up my 25% voucher they issued me some time ago. Got mushroom patties (low-fat, low-sodium), Lightlife's smart dogs (meat-free sausages), freeze dried strawberry powder and a vegetarian snow skin lotus paste mooncake.

I also got a creamy cocoa Badger lip balm. Can't resist them lip balms. Look, it fits perfectly well with my lip balm collection. There might be just 2 or 3 more missing from this stash. I keep them in different handbags.
Daddy bought red bananas. It is his favorite type I suppose. I ate one for a pre-dinner snack as I got rather hungry. Red bananas are supposedly more health-beneficial than our regular ones. It is also supposedly sweeter. But I couldn't tell any difference, other than its skin.
Dinner was healthy! I made it and I loved it! I'm quite the salad girl but rarely eat them because I hate not knowing what goes into the dressings when I dine out. Freaky the amount of calories and fat laden in all that dressing. My salad consisted of the following. Chopped raw spinach, chopped raw baby carrot, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 grilled smart dog and salt pepper seed nuggets. Dressed in a mixture of 1 tablespoon nayonnaise, sprinkles of sweet paprika and black pepper and a pinch of sea-salt. Mixing it all has got to be the fun-nest part.

I'm just done with supper. Drop dead diva night fuel. It's the last episode of season 2 tonight *sobs* !!! Anyway I had a Jammy sammy and a mini tangerine.

xoxo. God bless.

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