Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tried to continue re-creating Zucchini carob chip "bread" oatmeal but it still did not hit the spot! Ah, bummer! Today's breakkie's mix was Quaker quick oats, Almond breeze Vanilla, Carob chips, Cinnamon, Cinnamon sugar, 1 tangerine and Quaker Oatmeal squares.

Lunch was another loaf of organic yeast-free bread from Whole Foods market in London. This was wholemeal spelt. I have never tried spelt before and it turned out quite fine. Toasted it and sprayed a little Crisco 0 calories butter-flavor over it. Had with 1 mashed banana and creamy PB, as well as a raw carrot. Raw carrots are getting so addictive. Sweet and crunchy!
I went to the gym in the afternoon and worked up a good sweat with 50 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the stationery bike. I tried the elliptical the other day and could not last past 5 minutes! I will try it again when the gym is less filled.

Dinner was Japanese inspired. Must be because of the current book I'm reading, The Japan Diet. Steamed 2 Japanese sweet potatoes and made claypot simmered lotus root. Simmering vegetables is quite a Japanese thingy. I find it really quick and fuss-free as well as relatively healthy. I can't really recall what I mixed in but I believe there was the presence of mirin, low-sodium shoyu, sake, dark sesame oil and white pepper. Somewhere along these lines.
I had a night snack of Taste of nature's Himalayan goji summer granola bar and I'm super bloated now. Been this way the whole day and even put on 1kg for no reason! I really don't get what is wrong with my system. I'm trying the best that I can but nothing seems to be working. Honestly, I feel very miserable. Is it weird to wish for once that I can be like everyone else? Or at least a reasonable average Singaporean, eating at whatever time, wherever, whenever, eating any type of food and feel hungry 2 hours later...... I'm just not very happy with my body now. Not angry, just disappointed and extremely upset :(

Days, please get better.

xoxo. God bless.

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