Friday, August 12, 2011

ABSOLUTELY L-O-V-E zucchini in my breakfast. Low in calories, high in water content and it's a vegetable! I've been trying to create a flavor of Zucchini carob chip "bread" oatmeal but haven't quite perfected it yet. Below are two different pictures of it. The first was today's breakfast and the other was sometime early in the week. I'll only post up the recipe when I find the right mix of flavoring.

Today's had zucchini, Quaker quick oats, Oatly, cinnamon, cinnamon sugar, carob chips and 1 slice of yeast-free Irish soda bread from London.
This other one had zucchini, Quaker quick oats, Oatly, cinnamon, maple syrup, carob chips and Quaker oatmeal squares.
Moving on, lunch was so tasty. Although not dairy-free, but ideally very healthy. My simple broccoli cheese soup with 3 slices of Irish soda bread. Can't get enough of the bread, it rocks! For the soup I just steamed a little over 1 cup of broccoli, added Kallo's low-salt vegetable stock and pureed it. Lastly, stirring in 2 slices of WeightWatchers sliced cheese. Salt-free, sugar-free. It was tasty nonetheless. Soup and bread is a divine combination.
I ALWAYS finish my food. At least the ones that I cook.
Went to the country club to read for a while before meeting my two girlfriends Chris and Shewon for an evening picnic in the mall. Those pictures are in my digital camera. Kinda lazy to upload them now as I'm blogging so this current picture snapped with my Blackberry will do.
This was my half eaten dinner. Of course I finished it up and even had a small sized sugarcane juice with lemon a little later at 830pm. Intuitive eating. My dinner was from Sushi Tei. Yes it is still inferior to my one and only Nadaman at Shangri-la but it does beat Ichiban, Sakae, Gengki and other sub-standard sushi joints hands down. I had four piece tamago (Japanese sweet egg omelet) with six piece baked salmon maki. Wonderful! It's been quite a while since I had sushi. I love sushi!!! Especially with the radish paste, wasabi and ginger.
It was a very relaxing evening and I am so happy to have found friends in Curtin that are for keeps.

I wonder if at the back of your mind there is always a 'fall back plan' in case food destinations fail you? Mine's definitely sushi, Cedele and MOS burger :)

xoxo. God bless.

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