Friday, December 2, 2011

The week without meal-planning. Without much picture snapping. Goodness it has come to an end so quickly! I have to mention it was a good week. Am I still allowed to be known as a health blogger? I shall self qualify that! :D Because! I've got so much to share.

I've always placed great emphasis of being self-aware. This means noticing the food that we are putting into our bodies, understanding why we are doing so and then seeing how it feels in our body. Like, does ice-cream really make you happy?

Something happened this week for me. Something BIG. It's probably something I'd mark the date in my calender and remember it fifty years later. After that incident, I got mildly depressed, just for a bit. I didn't know what my values and principles were because I believed that I got them all messed up. I felt as though I've failed the people who trusted and believed in me. I let down my God. In a day it almost seemed as if the world came crashing down over me. I didn't regret, I just felt well, mildly guilty, if I should say so.

I went for my appointment at BodyInc with my nutritionist and we talked things out. Why would I share my problems with my nutritionist? I'm not crazy mind you. As some personality types (like mine), tend to have this whole body system that is intertwined with our mental and emotional state of mind. It is evident when I get very bad gastric when I am stressed or upset. I get anxiety attacks when I'm scared and stuff like that. So it was vital to thrash things out because for my mildly depressed day, I could barely swallow much. Life was a distant image.

We talked and brought reality to the table. Yes, I may have done something "wrong" in the eyes of a regular human who would judge me. But was that a plain mistake, or a beautiful disaster? I say the latter. After that incident, it is almost I have a HUGE rock lifted off my chest. I can breathe and see things in perspective for what it really is. I'm no longer saddled by tons of mind games I allowed my head to dabble in. If there is love in the things we do, be it good or bad, something beautiful was created out of it. It's how we choose to perceive it. After that incident, life is more beautiful. I am still me. I still hold the same values and principles. Full stop.

After that, I realized I craved clean simple very basic foods like, boiled broccoli, salads, brown rice. Nothing that is too drenched in flavor other than its own essence. It is as though my eyes were open to see the delicate things in life. I'm more comfortable with myself now. I look into the mirror and I love the body I see (although there's always room for improvement :) ).

Due to the week being rather personal, I am not at liberty to share anything but how my emotions and health are tangled together. It makes me realize that I have got to stop loading this body with unnecessary pain, guilt, hurt, anger or whatever it is. As our bodies retain this negative energy and it can lead us to crave for every single unhealthy food you can imagine. Of course discovering your body and understanding it is a process. I have come a long way. I do not binge eat anymore and I just feel that I love myself a lot better.

Just because we may not receive adequate love that we wish to, doesn't give us any excuse at all to "toxify" our bodies with negative emotions and food. Rather, it should be a motivation to love ourselves more. Because at the end of the day, we are our health's greatest friend. Your health lives in you and you have to align your thinking to that fact. Love life, and it will love you too.

xoxo. God bless.

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