Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello! I have been missing. Seriously. Not just on this blog. From my home. From a life. Every single day compromises walking around town or some shopping area, spending money incessantly and coming home tired and lazy. It is everything but an ideal lifestyle. It's worrying.

This is what came in the mail couple of days back. My second iherb purchase. They have been so good so far. Really love the prompt efficiency and cheaper prices for U.S goods. I got the following.

- Raw kelp noodles
- Sunwarrior raw protein plant-based chocolate powder
- Raw nori sheets
- Liquid chlorophyll by De Souza
- French vanilla stevia powder
- Yogi teas (peach detox and sweet Thai delight)
Mummy got this bottled alkaline water and we've been drinking this everyday. Available at Cold Storage. The benefits of alkaline water is amazing. It does help with skin problems like eczema and my internal stomach and gastric problems.
I have been having breakfasts! This stopped the binge eating a great deal, other than GNC's supplement I'm taking to curb cravings. I always crave sweet comforting food which is usually what I have for breakfast. Now I tend to keep things raw and simple.Over here almond milk with raw buckwheat cocoa granola, cinnamon and a banana. Below, papaya in vanilla almond milk with wheat germ.
I've gone back to basics. Very simple flavors (and an empty fridge). Ezekial toast with tofutti cheese (vegan) and boiled green beans with mushroom floss. As well as boiled sweet potato with nuttelex butter. Simple flavors bring out the stronger cravings. Like chewy, salty, soft, sweet, etc.
My life has not been just mundane, I find myself a nuisance. Moments where my thoughts flee from me and I believe I'm not the only bored one. Note picture.
I think my life isn't at an all-time low and that is possibly a problem. It is not bad enough to make me feel like I should do something about it nor is it fantastic that I smile in contentment. I am appreciating good company. I wouldn't place my food desires at the top of the list anymore but instead I learn how to live with others and do the things they do while sticking to my principles. It makes sense because the world cannot always revolve us all the time. We have to just live and let live.

Growing, growing, I certainly am. Almost every morning I wake up feeling a little older. I used to believe and think this is the life I had always been looking forward to, but apparently as life has it, it isn't. I want a life. But this time things are different. I would like to share my life with someone. I would like to get close to my extended family members again in a deeper measure. I want to make a difference in this world. I want to know that when I am not here anymore, I have made things a little sweeter and better here. Is that even possible? In His name it sure is!

This week I have decided to stash my meal time planner JUST FOR THE WEEK. I might not live that long without it, jokes. I realized I can be hungry at weird times and totally not hungry at others. I'm letting my body plan my meals. We'll see how this goes.

xoxo. God bless.

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