Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ola! Check this out, Natural Black Mud Mask Soap. Sounds disgusting? Well if you HAVE to label it as "disgusting", then I'd have to say it is disgusting awesome! Bought this from RealFood cafe for $16.00. I've used it twice today and while there isn't much to comment yet, it doesn't try my skin out like most soaps do.
I had this for lunch the other day when I was feeling ravenous. I was at Salad Stop! at Novena square and craving badly for soba. I knew they had this item so it was a must-try kinda thing. Soba salad with raw vegetables like carrot and cabbage with excellent protein source of tofu and edamame. It came with a miso dressing. The dressing tasted a lot like my raw pad Thai dressing. Delicious! Since it's a to-go item, it makes it even more appealing while it sits on the refrigerated racks waiting to get grabbed off :)
Today was my Singtel Casting Call's finals. The search has ended for Singtel's next social media star. Did I win? Or did I not? If not, who won? All these to be published in the papers soon, so look out for it! I had a good time and gained experience that sitting around at home could never possibly have given me.

I knew I had a busy afternoon and even early evening ahead of me today. So I fixed up this heap of goodness. You may look at it and wonder, how do you even get full on this?! It's true. Sitting on that place is quinoa, boiled fresh sweet corn (off the cob!), mock bacon bits and a honey balsamic dressing with freshly grind black pepper.

Quinoa, an excellent source of protein. Relatively low in carbohydrates and packs a substantial amount of fiber. Unlike other grains, it is easily digested into our system and provides us with a satiating factor which leads our brains to signal that we're full. Not forgetting that we will not have any loss of energy and be able to sustain for quite awhile without the urge of any sugar rush.

It is a much better alternative to rice other than cous cous, millet and what have you. It cooks real quick in 15 minutes. You can use it just like you would with rice, make stir fry quinoa! In place of our regular fried rice. This is one mighty fine grain! All hail quinoa!
Some snap shots of today with my first ever bouquet of flowers :) I've always dreamed of receiving one but never did. Unromantic ex-boyfriends and maybe not so inspired friends (?). Haha! It is a closet wish really, to receive the 99 roses type of bouquet. Quite unimaginable to be honest but the day will come, hopefully!
This was the mid of the competition. Having a real load of fun there. Never put myself on such a big platform before. It really just lifts me off my feet to see how the industry rolls.
The top 15 finalists at the finals today. Who do you think is the winner? Was she deserving of $10,ooo and a hosting contract? Check out the papers by this week and you'll find out ;)
Till then, ..... eat mindfully and press on! I've fumbled and I'm picking myself up again. Health is never about a destination, it's a journey. One to embrace if I should add.

xoxo. God bless.

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