Saturday, November 19, 2011

A happy vegan ice cream face! My friend Sherlyn :) I brought her to my favorite Real Food cafe and she loved it. I love just spreading this goodness. If you wanna go, tell me, I'll bring you there and be most delighted to do so!
I had pure orange juice, organic brown fried rice and vegan cookies and cream ice cream mud pie. The dessert was uncalled for. Sometimes I just need to learn to say "no". Peer pressure ain't go no hold on me, desserts does!
What else have I been doing? Well... TONS of face masks. I am going through a 'getting my act right' phase. As the weight piles up on the hips and tummy, when jeans don't fit anymore, complexion gets out of control, sleep leaves you and stuff like that, .... you know it's high time to get your act together.

Let me say in all fairness and with tons of experience. It is tough. When your body is accustom to all the crap you've been putting in, all the food you've been overeating and the lifestyle you've been leading, change does not happen overnight. I am finding it so difficult but I don't believe in giving up. Because now I see the truth- about health, sustainability and living, how can I turn a blind eye? It's ridiculous.
Today I fixed myself a good lunch. I had overslept in the morning, rushed to church for music practice, and by the time I got home, I was quite hungry having not eaten since 7pm the night before. At around 1pm, I had this good clean lunch. Not 100% pure but hey, it was good. Pineapples with organic sweet chili, 2 slices of Ezekiel bread grilled with a slice of tofutti (dairy-free) cheese in the center, and a glass of BodyInc's home blend oxycha tea, an antioxidant blend.
Packed some tea to go and off I went, back to church to decorate the place for Christmas. Oh what a lovely season Christmas is! Indeed one to be jolly and fallala-ing! And this is Starbucks 2011 Christmas mug.
After church I went for a 90 minute spa appointment. Ever since my birthday, I got hooked. I'm going to try and make it weekly if possible. I did a body clear salt scrub which evens out the skin tone, had a hot bath and proceeded for an hour massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Do google it and have a read about what it's about. It is so interesting how our body works. I know that my lymph nodes are not clear but have always been apprehensive about massages, especially MLD's as they can be quite costly and perhaps painful. But today was good, I'm trying out different treatments now and I'll see which works out the best, for detox purposes.

After the massage, I threw away my plan to come home and cook dinner. I was so hungry so I strolled over to the mall down the street and an obvious dinner, Japanese! Shin Kushiya. The food is really good. It is perfectly salty and in a nice kind of way, I guess they do use ajinomoto (MSG), but I feel they bring out the flavors really well. It isn't plain salty, and now two hours after dinner I'm not dehydrated so that means the salt or MSG used was in moderate or minimal amounts. So many more stuff I wanna try here. For tonight, I had a grilled salmon on top of mashed pumpkin salad and some simmered vegetables on the side. Good portion size for me :)
Some shots from yesterday. AH! Went for a close-door event at ZIRCA, Channel U's 10th anniversary party. Saw one of my favorite actor's and took a picture with him. Swoons! I have always found him charming and he really can act, in my opinion.
Of course the event was with none other than my good girlie, Sherlyn babe! We had loads of fun just chillin' and laughing.
Today I started on a new book called the kind diet by Alicia Silverstone. I'm absolutely loving it. I love how real she is because the struggles she has gone through and shared about are REAL. Why do I say so? 'Cos I am going through it too. It's hard to admit our embarrassing moments but she does a good job at it. I love her flair for writing and her ability to hold the reader's engagement with the book. So far so good, I've been highlighting so many points because I can't wait to share it. Basically it's all about being KIND to our health, to animals and the environment. Here's a quote to end this post off. Think about it, and let your thoughts provoke you.

"These days, we tend to think of being healthy as just getting through the day, making a living, or not dropping dead. We consider health the absence of disease. When symptoms do arise, we throw chemicals at them, hoping they will go away rather than looking for the underlying cause. This is modern medicine."

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