Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lets cover an interesting topic today. My nutritionist is taking a different approach with me, so here's some interesting stuff. By the way, all my meals were taken outdoors today :( No cooking, so much overloading.
Eden Sanctuary at China Square Central, shifted from Rochester Park. Love this place. It's clean and simple food. Delicious. I had this sauteed mushrooms with romaine and baby tomatoes on top of pita with hummus. Shared with mummy her minestrone soup and she forced me to eat half of her grilled asparagus topped fish. I was so full I might not have lived past that second, but I did. Dinner was worse, salmon belly miso soup with tons of soft shell crab maki sushi. Plus chocolates when I got home. It's like 120% full when ideally it should be 80%.
So what interesting thing shall we look through today? The energetics of food. Something I'm learning to understand as well. Hippocrates once said, "let food by thy medicine". In fact I'm about to cover a book entirely based around this quote. We'll get to that when I've digested it. In the meantime, lets see how we get this done.

Have we ever put food into our mouth thinking, how would this make me feel? Or eat with the intent to feel a certain way? Yes we understand chocolates make women happy, apparently. Ice-cream gives comfort. But these are just comfort foods we perceive to provide some kind of emotional aid. Often temporary and it never resolves ANY problems we might be having. If I have to give an analogy, it'll be something like, drinking will never drown your sorrows for they will still be there the next morning. Hence the saying, "you are what you eat," starts to apply in literal terms.

Some tips, we are feeling spacey, perhaps you feel lost or distant from life. It's somewhere I am right now and it does reflect in my meals. For instance, tons of wholemeal bread, zero cooking, last minute meal decisions. I don't know what I want in my meals, and my life. To better phrase that, I know what I want; to eat TONS of greens and develop a career in acting. However, it's the process that leaves me at a blank. So, I just grab "ready" options like wholemeal bread or whatever opportunities that may come may way. But is it what I really want? Or am I just settling?

To conquer this, my nutritionist suggested root vegetables. As root vegetables are grown from the ground unlike fruits that grow "in the air" on trees, they have the natural earthy characteristic about it. This can be translated by our bodies to give us and emotional aid of feeling grounded. Root vegetables include sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips and turnips. Whatever that grows from beneath the soils surface. So I guess I do need that to feel grounded. But never forget, healthy cooking methods are essentially. For root vegetables I like them steamed, roasted and baked. Stewing would work too. I don't believe in adding dairy to foods so don't asked me about baked potatoes with cheese and what not. A potato should taste like one, not a cow.

Of course coupled with root vegetables, God always helps to make us feel grounded and assured. I feel as though He is just there with me wherever I am these days. Anxiety levels gone down and He just brings me through great moments. I need more time with Him, what I'm doing now is simply not enough. He is great!
Hope this helps! As I type I'm actually asserting these points in my mind as well. So why not, help someone and myself at the same time.

God bless.

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