Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back here again, the blog feels more foreign now that I'm not here so often. I get frustrated at myself for not committing to this space I've created. This all is going to change. I need to learn to make time for everything, at least everything that's important!

A rush breakfast. Raw sweet corn "milk" shake.
This prop was part of my filming yesterday since I've made it through to the top 15 of Singtel's Casting call for the next social media star. Being there at the audition, I could tell I was totally different from the other girls. From personality to daily lifestyles, I didn't quite fit in. But we should never seek to be like the rest of the crowd, there is never anything wrong in being yourself, as long you know you are happy. So for my talent segment, I decided to just have fun with it, if I lose, I lose being myself and even if no one accepted me, I did :)
Got this drink from Eu yan sang. It's some fig tea, delicious and not too sweet. I still prefer the one I had at Bollywood veggies some time back.
A good filling dinner yesterday after an afternoon of filming. Boiled nai bai with goji berries and sweet chili sauce (organic), fresh baby tomatoes, black rice and vegetarian organic mushroom floss. I really love Chinese food but the regular restaurants or hawkers just put way too put seasonings, salt and MSG into their stuff. I don't care much for no added MSG, I care for NO MSG!
Oops, egg :( It was some default choice when dining Japanese. I love Tamago sushi,... but I know I shouldn't. I've cut of all chicken, pork, beef, lamb and what have you. Only eating seafood as a form of meat now. Have cut of all dairy as well. Just eggs that are sometimes just there in your face. But I'm cutting it off too as I move along.
Yasai soup. This is just a clear vegetable soup with dashi stock.
My love! Only the restaurants got it right. Salmon sashimi!
My mains was simmered cod in sweet sauce and a bowl of steaming hot Japanese white rice. I loved this dish! I'm going back to have it again, even if I'm by myself.
The total bill for four was $322+, daddy got me a Shangri-la membership so I can collect points when I eat there. Love my parents! This is my back view that broddy shot. Can you see I've gained weight? I'm fine with it just that I'm trying to reduce the size of my tummy, and hips. Other than that, all's cool. It has been rather stable now since I've cut down on sugar, cakes and high fat foods. Next I need good carbo like pumpkin, brown rice, sprouted bread that will help keep me fueled without the bulges.
An interesting thing I'm going to try and do with this block to keep the healthy magic alive, is to blog about foods. Before you raise your eyebrows, let me explain. Yes, I have been blogging about food all along. But this time, I want to treat food in a different measure, giving it an all rounded view. So with this, I will have to research and do tons of reading on my part. I love learning about it all anyway and never be selfish to keep knowledge to yourself :) So I hope people look forward to it as much as I am looking forward to it.

Getting my Blendtec tomorrow. So that means more goodies in the making, preferably raw!

God bless.

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