Sunday, November 13, 2011

The past week has been hectic. Few days leading up to my birthday, the big 2-1. All I can say that, it is finished! Hahaha, not trying to be Jesus or anything. Just that not only is it a huge weight of my shoulders, but an abundance of happiness, satisfaction and love. I couldn't have asked for anymore than what I felt and had.

Some random snap shots, which is something I've been doing a lot lately. Yay or nay?

Breakkie consisting of a banana, a persimmon, strawberries, raw chocolate vanilla bean honey and creamy PB. Hit the rooftop, this was great!
Bread from Paris. Artisan. Just an average 60 cents bread is so divine. Whatever Sunshine and others can barely hold a candle. Daddy got me this mini olive loaf. So good on it's own! I had it with French artichoke vegan pate, cherry tomatoes and balsamic creme.
Dinner at Sushi Tei. Ah, the ajinomoto detected in these foods. Almost every eatery in Singapore uses it or what we also know as MSG. It sucks, big time. Even foods purported as "healthy" like fishball noodles and porridge all include this outrageous secret ingredient. I had this vegetable miso soup. Delicious when eating, disastrous after. I was so thirsty!
Gossipgirl Evon came to stay over for 3 days and 2 nights so we spent tons of time together. I'm so happy to have a friend in her and I'll say it again and again. We went to this place in Vivo city called The Cellar Door, Room? Something along that lines. They had so many meat options I almost barfed but spotted some awesome vegan salads so we settled. Had 3 mini portions of salads and shared. I ate 3/4 of it as I was starving and she had noodles prior to our lunch.

So we had cous cous eggplant balsamic salad, roasted vegetables salad and mixed rice salad in a citrus sauce. She had her favorite English breakfast tea and I, earl grey. Ah, the caffeine got to me. I felt quite unwell after, even had a milk tummy upset. So no-go. Decaf green teas are the furthest I'll go. Decaf doesn't mean no caf (caffeine). It's just a very small almost insignificant amount of caffeine, like 5mg compared to the usual 20mg or more.
T'was it was the BIG DAY. Some sneak preview photos, the rest to be uploaded on my Facebook page.
My door gift was Weekender cookies from Cedele and so was my cake, Strawberry fields cake from Cedele too.
Dinner at RealFood cafe. I ate a lot! I hadn't eaten the entire day! Morning I was in a rush so I just drank tons of water and mid morning I had a mini cherry pie Larabar. Lunch was me picking on some stir fry vegetables, maybe 3 cauliflower florets and some watermelon, maybe 3 cubes. I went home and got dressed for dinner and had a banana and one of my Weekender cookies. So you would've guessed I was starving by dinner time. Had my favorite dumpling soup with a side of brown rice set of the day. Brown rice with cauliflower, grilled vegetables, blanched spinach and alfalfa sprouts.

Mummy was so happy to see me eat that much! Look how much my meal intake has increased! :) If you do check my figure out, it has changed, more fleshy definitely but it's a-okay. Just need to work on the "fat" parts which can expand real quickly like the hips. Clothes can conceal but a mirror don't lie!
My cake ordered last minute by daddy was a vegan ice-cream cake. Cookies and cream flavor. We shared it among all of us but obviously I ate most of it. Had my happy vegan ice-cream face on :D
Just to end it with a little note, this cute little girl had a photo taken with me so randomly. It kinda went like this....

Father: Look! A princess! Do you want to take a picture with her?
Daughter: Yes!! [claps her hands delightfully]

Obviously how could I say no? Such a sweetie pie.
I've been eating as you can see. Mornings have been relatively light with fruits, lunch semi-heavy and dinner the heaviest. However, having a heavy dinner means feeling full, just nice, not overly. So the night snacking habits has to stop if it works this way, unless of course I'm terribly hungry. To snack out of routine doesn't give the satisfaction snacking out of hunger brings. Ideally, the concept is simple. Eat when you're hungry BUT most importantly, KNOW WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY. 'Cos half of the time we think we are but there may be lingering thoughts or actions driving our behavior. Awareness... that's what it's all about. Take the time to find out who you are today!

xoxo. God bless.

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