Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's me in the house! Recently I have been putting more emphasis on food ingredients. These nitty gritty things.

Like how adding cucumber with a carbohydrate meal may help the carbo to digest and burn more efficiently.

Cucumber with raw chocolate vanilla bean honey and cinnamon.
Lunch at a new place. I've been actively sourcing out healthy eateries in Singapore. I'll list those that I've found at the end of this post. Definitely more to come. This is at Hilton hotel's Glow juice bar. It's a well-known health bar that has been around for ages but I've only just heard of it.

I had this Detox juice of apple, celery, beetroot and carrot.
This actually came out once in the newspaper and once in a magazine. Their vegetarian mushroom tofu burger. It came with vegetable chips, salad and enclosed in a sunflower seed bun with marinara sauce. So delicious and SO FILLING. I was about to burst. Tofu, soy rather, makes me very full very easily. The entire meal costs about 30 odd dollars. For the portion size and quality and location, I find it perfectly fine.
Today while I was out getting a manicure and pedicure, I had to make a convenient pit-stop for lunch. I love Hougang mall's Kopitiam vegetarian store. HOWEVER, many people get the wrong perceptions of vegetarian cuisine. There was a long queue at the stall, the longest in fact in the whole place. Why were the ordinary Singaporeans rushing to have vegetarian cuisine?

But of course! 3/4 of the food was either fried, battered, drenched in some salt-filled sauce and what have you. Hence it is vital not to be deceived by the word 'vegetarian'. If you had the regular mixed rice stall's food and ordered steamed fish, it's a much better option. I chose stewed pumpkin, stir fry bittergourd with beans and sweet and sour mock meat. Asked for less rice, as usual.
Found this raw lip balm at Four Seasons Organic Supermarket. Raw loving much? ;)
I came home and had dinner. Raw baby carrots, raw flackers in dill flavor, raw cherry tomatoes, French artichoke pate (dairy-free, vegan) and 2 slices of wholemeal bread with nuttelex and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. So delicious. I call it sampling plate, doesn't it look like one?
So lets end this post on a more knowledgeable note that we should never be fooled by labels such as 'vegetarian' or 'organic'. They are normal foods just either omitting certain ingredients, or derived differently. The calorie count is often not much of a difference. So never overeat something touted to be "healthy". It's only healthy when you eat it like you are healthy.
LV is such a pig, sleeping the entire day. So here's some eateries I have discovered, embraced and loved.

  • RealFood cafe @ The Central (vegetarian, vegan)
  • Cedele (focuses on whole ingredients, vegetarian and vegan options)
  • Glow juice bar @ Hilton hotel (healthy cooking methods, vegetarian and vegan options)
  • LINS smoodees @ China square central (vegetarian, vegan, daily home-made food)
  • Green room cafe @ Aramsa spa (raw food with non-raw options, vegan)
So there!

xoxo. God bless.

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