Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I haven't been in the mood for much. Out of the house before lunch, back late at night. Running birthday errands, meeting people up, window shopping and shopping, overeating and tons more. Life is passing me by and if the world were to end tomorrow I wonder what I would say I have been productive at these few days.

I have been eating out a lot! I try when I can for healthier alternatives. The ONLY meal I've put together was Sunday's breakfast. This "banana splitz" ! It's basically a banana with a kiwi, sprinkled in cinnamon, drenched in raw chocolate vanilla bean honey and topped of with a mini scoop of raw cacao bliss. Filling and satisfying. But my day never starts right without milk. I need to open my carton of almond milk, but that can only happen once I've finished my mixed vegetable juice that's sitting in the fridge, taking up the space of Mr. Almond breeze.
Lots of Green Room cafe eats. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.

All the greens juice- cucumber, broccoli, spinach, vegetable powder, watercress and what have you. TONS of greens to replenish an under-nourished system. I can devour an entire bowl of vegetables at home, the servings outside (unless you order a salad) are very minimal for a day's worth of vegetables.
Raw rice paper samosa. This was brilliant. But really filling. I'll share it next time.
Same old raw strawberries and "cream" blend of strawberries, vanilla bean, cashews, beetroot, coconut juice and honey.
Raw rojak. A pickled sweet spicy sauce that mixed in well with the fruits and vegetables namely pineapple, cucumber, guava, star fruit and green apple. Topped off with my pick of PB vegan ice-cream. Green Room's vegan ice-cream is THE ONE. Not enough? I had 2 more scoops for dessert. 1 PB, 1 ginger tea.
Whenever I out squeeze out an hour in the early evening, I'd go to the park's exercise corner, cycling to and fro. I really enjoy myself and hate especially how I've barely the time now. Other stuff I do is brisk walking when I'm in town. It's barely brisk walking and NO ONE thinks you're weird. 'Cos over here, everyone's just so absorbed into the hustle and bustle of city life. No one relaxes. If you're on some slow relaxing pace and walking, people are just going to "tsk" you. Oh well, I love Singapore. Even if I may be the odd weirdo here.
I was starving over lunch today. Had to dye my hair and rush home to grab my wallet as I had forgotten it earlier, before rushing off again for lunch and meeting my friend to practice some stuff for my birthday. After which I went to settle the door gifts and run more errands. I reached home at 9-ish in the night.

Lunch pit-stop was at RealFood Cafe. I had a spinach carrot apple juice and a 'can't beet this burger'. So delicious and FILLING! It's vegan. A beetroot patty which I detected some potatoes, tons of onions, cucumber, carrot and millet. It was enclosed in a delightful home-made wholemeal bun, topped with avocado, tomato, onions and their special marinara sauce. Served with a small side salad in balsamic and olive oil. None of these are written on the menu, all based on my taste buds. God blessed me with them, I've been this picky little monster since I was a child.
Dinner pit-stop was at Isetan. I have been so stressed and have often mentioned to mummy, sis, broddy, twitter and even to myself that, "zomg I'm so stressed I just want to eat sushi and sashimi." And after a week this statement came to past. Salmon sashimi sushi and some other assorted sushi. I was so full. Two whole boxes of sushi, are you kidding? I'm so not kidding! I went on more errands and bought some delectable French delights from a wonderful French man at Thomson Plaza. Basically healthy pates made with organic ingredients. It's so wonderful to talk to people out of Singapore as they have a much more different perspective on food and how it gives us pleasure. I bought 3 bottles from him and while a bottle costs $17.00, he charged me $45.00 for 3. Do the math :)
I do agree I resent the fact that I am living in Singapore, away from a health-conscious community. I've taken this consciousness up another notch, while Singapore is still stuck here pretty much (indicates a mid-level).

Healthy isn't just about putting less salt, less oil, asking for "wholemeal" options.
Health is about sustainability, about loving the planet and having your body and environment love you in return.
Health is YOU. You are your health. If you put junk into yourself, well, it pretty much speaks of what you're filling your body with.

People are going to throw rocks at me but I'm very adamant in what I believe in. I do not believe in forcing others to act as I do as it is a very individualistic opinion. If you go vegan or become healthy for anything/one but yourself, the change isn't going to sustain for long. However, it is through my love for the planet that I hope people will see why it is important to eat, live and breathe health and wholesomeness. I AM NOT PERFECT, I am still trying. But it's because I'm moving towards a goal, I know I'm in a safe place. Ignorance isn't always bliss. Do you know the truth and choosing not to face up to it? Well, .... well.

xoxo. God bless.

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