Thursday, December 8, 2011

What my friends think of me......

Clarification: I don't just eat salad!!!!

More often than not, salad is one of the few healthier options you can find in menus. But of course if the restaurant serves poached or steamed fish in a clear sauce, why not?

Truth: I love eating heaps and piles of veggies!

Yes, that is true. I can eat an entire mountain of stir fry Chinese vegetables with a simple sides like brown rice, crackers and stuff. I love them Chinese or Western. Cooked or uncooked. My favorite is actually boiled, sometimes raw.

Moving along, I've fluctuated like crazy this past week. Between 41.5kg and 43.5kg. Sometimes I ate lunch at 4pm. It's ridiculous. I mean the timing is fine, but the fluctuations aren't. I haven't binged for a long time, not til yesterday and today. I woke up and for both mornings I ate an entire packet of roasted broad bean Japanese chips. Body felt icky. Ruined the stomach for the entire day, although I did eat other rubbish stuff later on in the day. What can I expect? I start off eating rubbish, it kinda carries on through the day.

Yet essentially, knowing when to stop is vital. I almost threw up today, in fact I still feel like throwing up. Oil doesn't sit too good with me. I'm sipping some aged ginger tea as I type.

Been up to spring cleaning the room. I feel it's a big step. It's as though I'm spring cleaning my life. That's the whole idea about DETOX that I read in the raw detox diet book. We don't just spring clean our diets and plates, but our surroundings, our emotions as well. This is how we are able to live in wellness, holistically.

What are you doing to spring clean certain things in your life? It may be removing it, or setting things in position. I'm generally okay, a strong willed person where I want to be, and helplessly weak at the same time. I do have a blind spot in my life, a part of me that never exudes strength or logic. Yes, they say pray to strengthen myself. The question is, do I want to be strong (in that area)? Or perhaps I just want to remain vulnerable.... Until I get that sorted out, it remains my blind spot.

I'm going to start food snapping all over again soon, so look out for it if you love my food snapping.

xoxo. God bless.


Amy said...

Love the spring cleaning part. Inspiring.

And love thy food snappings!



陈达玲 said...

Thanks Amy! :) Getting back on track. Falter and fall, we may. But the one who never gives up will always be a winner!