Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello! Trying something new today, inserted at the end, my first ever VLOG (video blogging) for nomming to health. I guess sometimes we just need a real image to project who we are and how we are feeling. My regrets on the VLOG? Definitely the totally melted-away make-up and contact len-less eyes. I'm pretty vain, yes? Who cares. I just love feeling pretty.

So the morning started out with attempting to get life back on track. Sometimes we stray, especially during happy or moody times, festive seasons and such. Essentially, it is always ALWAYS trying and never giving up that will keep your walk with health a strong one. Never ever give up saying that your goal is way too far. Remember! Every single "ah, it's just a bag of chips", "a slice of butter cake won't do me harm" is just throwing you that much away from your goal. FATS=ADDICTIVE. The more you indulge, the more you crave. Bluntly put, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Hips don't lie, no they do not.

Had a blend of spinach, Sunwarrior raw chocolate protein (plant-based) and almond milk. It went down so well and keeps me satiated. The satiating factor does not merely lie in the taste, but also in how our body's nutrients are being satisfied. If we keep ignoring the call for energy which comes from good carbs like brown rice, we are surely setting ourselves up for a major binge in moments to come. Trust my words, I'm a 'been there, done that' when it comes to binge-eating.
Lunch was hurriedly put together. Stir fry bok choy with roma low acid tomatoes and garlic. Simple. With a side of vegetarian mushroom floss. I felt a bowl of rice would have been better, but didn't have time to cook it. I wish I knew where I could buy instant brown rice that cooks in a jiffy when placed in the microwave.
After being out an entire afternoon buying some small furnishings for my room currently in the process of spring cleaning. It is going to be a long tedious process, but I'm nearing the light! Dinner was true Chindian style. Daddy bought basmati nasi goreng (fried rice), grandma cooked her signature prawn sambal and of course I had a little me in it all, my boiled bak choy! After that I snacked on so much crackers I thought my senses had left me. Helper at home made some crackers in the afternoon and they are so delicious. One, two, maybe ten bites too many.
As you can see, my meals are becoming so much more, not only in quantity but in all levels of being spontaneous, less picky, etc. Nonetheless, I still stay true to my principles, no meat in the form of anything but seafood. No eggs and no dairy where possible. Sometimes I just overlook the eggs and dairy in the ingredient list. Life without unethical meat, ROCKS.

I have been baby-sitting two dogs, Cooper and Mika(below). They are here for about a week and a half, leaving on Monday. I've felt attached to them from the beginning before they even came to stay, but now.... I'm really going to miss them. But of course I know my precious LV is looking forward to having my time dedicated solely to him again. He's a jealous silly fool like that.
Here I present to you my very first VLOG. The week has been filled with ups and downs. More downs actually. None better than to have it expressed as such. Hope I'll have more to come. I can get lazy sometimes, oops!

xoxo. God bless.

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