Sunday, December 11, 2011

Whoopsy, caught an unglam moment. Of course this blog features honesty, straight up. No point trying to share a part of myself but concealing another. This is me, imperfect and flawed. Who isn't?

Snapped a quick shot of my breakfast this morning. A green monster! This was after I showered. Gulped down my breakfast while getting ready at the same time. The blend included banana, Sunwarrior vanilla protein, spinach and almond milk.
VLOG attempt take #2, ACTION!

Haha. I got really lazy after getting back in the evening. Not much food snaps so, gotta get to some talking. I'm totally and fully comfortable with being in front of the camera or talking to myself for the matter of fact. So making these VLOGS are so easy peasy and well, yea, straight up honesty. There's no pretense masked behind carefully thought up, typed out words.

In the end I did eat! A lot of rubbish again at night. Once the rubbish starts coming in, it is really hard to break the flow like that. Hard but not impossible. Monday always gives room for inspiration, being the start of a new week. So! I'm definitely getting my act together.

Sending the two babies Cooper and Mika back to their homes so that means more time on my hands for myself, although I am going to be missing them a great great deal. I'm thinking lots of outdoor stuff. Strolls in the park, outdoor outings, alone or with company. Probably alone.

Food stocked up in the fridge includes organic Chinese greens, low-acid roma tomatoes, frozen trans-fat free otak... Gonna have some clean eating with these. Bye bye junk food, you have served me so (un)well. You suck.

xoxo. God bless.

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