Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So there I VLOG-ed again! I'm really enjoying it for now, but I won't let it take over my written blog 'cos I love writing too! Today's VLOG is my typical rattle. It's usually some groundless banter in my mind, now it just feels good to let it out. Do you find me amusing? Or lame? Haha. I find myself, well, quite truthful. In today's VLOG I expose another weakness, my fatty tummy! It has been a problem that bugged me for years. Now it's just way too prominent. The jeans don't fit anymore in fact. Junk food, how I hate you so.

This was yesterday's dinner. White rice with sesame oil and black sesame seeds, vegetarian Taiwan mushroom floss and stir fry garlic broccoli and carrot. It was already VERY filling for me, but I still nommed so so much after that. My face has a huge red zit right now. It's the end of the world!! Just kidding!
So the renovation works were in progress. Now that it's up I just have more stuff to clear and yea. I feel good having a clean desk, work space, floor. Lets hope this keeps up. A clean desk is a sign of  clear mind?  Or so they say. I'm still bogged down emotionally. 

Here is the mirror I've always ALWAYS wanted since my secondary school days. Parents went with me to Ikea to get all the stuff I needed to make it work, so there, TADA! Here's my Hollywood mirror of my dreams!

There's also a drilled in rack for my dresses, and night wear. Broke down my cabinet doors and turned it into a handbag space too.

Today I was at my grandma's at mid-afternoon place, didn't eat there as I was pretty full on lunch. Had a spelt English muffin with tofutti (dairy-free) cheese and less-sugar kaya plus a side of stir fry curry tomato and spinach. 

Promises are not meant to be broken. While grandma was disappointed I didn't want to eat her fresh fish sambal that she purposely made for us, I promised her I'll have it at home. So I did, for dinner. It was delicious, as always. I don't fancy Indian food all that much, but grandma's is always the best! I had it drenched on top of boiled kai lan and a side of 2 sprouted grain Ezekial bread. I guess minor allowances as such add up to a filling meal. 
 Supper was the ultimate killer. Cooper and Mika went back today, my dearest Evie jie bought me some stuff from Tokyo. In the bag there was a box of Japanese sponge cheesecake and assorted Japanese traditional tea leaves. I downed the entire box of cheesecakes!! Don't believe me, catch the VLOG! Had Genmaicha (brown rice green tea) too which was lovely! The shops don't even make it this good. 

It's okay to make allowances for ourselves every now and then. There are time we just NEED that particular flavor to satisfy us. I don't particularly crave for fried, oily food so I'm safe there. But I'm constantly craving buttery rich foods which clashes with my beliefs and body system as they often contain eggs an dairy. I'm stumbling, but with every fumble I just get round it more. Like I wonder, how does this cheesecake edify me? It does nothing except making me feel all icky the next morning. Then I'll stay away for awhile and the temptations come again.

Right now, I need love, lots of it. So I'm always having the urge to eat cookies and cakes which I link in my emotional state of mind to love. This is wrong. Fatty foods cannot give you love. I've expanded quite a fair bit (watch the VLOG!) and it doesn't matter. I'm always walking, keeping my steady pace. This race is mine to win!

xoxo. God bless.

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