Monday, January 23, 2012

Believe me not

A heavy energy could be permeating your personal life right now. Perhaps you're having trouble in paradise? Running into conflict with a friend? Whatever it is, the solution lies in effective communication. Consider how you might need to alter your approach. 
沟通之后会更亲密 (After communication, love will be sweeter) 
必须化解跟人之间的误会 (There is a need to clear up misunderstandings with people)

All these Chinese zodiac 2012 astrology are so easy to come by with the hype of Chinese New Year in the air. I am someone who can get easily swayed when I am sensitive to the issue at hand. In this case, yes Sir'ee I am! Since mid-November to current, I have been struggling with a certain issue with a certain someone. I've fluctuated from happy to romantic to pretending to hurt to anger to hurt again and now avoidance. It has been such a trying time for me. So when these astrology stuff hit the nail in the head, it is really hard not to feel anything. Not just this, but other aspects of my life were all spot on too. 

I forgot to snap a photo of my food today as I just enjoyed the company of family and laughter. Basically my uncle cooked healthy stuff. I ate mushroom rice, nasi lemak rice, vegetables, fish and prawns for lunch. I had just the two rice dishes again for dinner. So much carbohydrates that I am going to burst. Snacks included my neighbor's fried nian gao (sticky glutinous cake) and my uncle's banana cake. When people make these things with love for me, I just appreciate it, full stop. 

Some sentiments here. I love taking long walks even when I do not know where I am heading. The other days while I was taking a stroll at Holland Village, something dawned upon me. As I walked, many many people passed by me. They see me walking down the path and they walk on by. These people I reckon are like those that come into our lives at different seasons, or say they are our "friends" and stand by the pavement. Unless someone has been beside you all along, taking the stroll with you, he or she will never realize how far you've come or how hard it has been for you. 

Hence I conclude with this. I do not blame people who might know my situation for being tactless and hurtful at times. It is not a sorry plight or whatever it may look to be. There is something beneath it all. If you do believe that things happen for a purpose and a reason, then you should believe whatever happened to me was not just "a mistake" or "lets just leave it here and move on" incident. Just because I do not speak or choose not to, does not erase the constant realizations I have made. 

Health like our emotional being is one image. If you put negative things in, you get negative consequences. If you consume oily and starchy foods, expect to get pimples, oily skin and hair, etc. If you dump feelings of hate, self-loathe or pain inside yourself, then expect to be a walking image of misery. It is YOU. What YOU do makes that difference. 

xoxo. God bless.

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