Monday, January 30, 2012

A step of change

Hi! I am back in the sack! It has been a terribly busy CNY this 2012. So lets get back on track shall we? Aside to continuously piling up on the weighing scale, I quite love my body as it is. Just getting rid of all the existent fat that bugs me when I look in the mirror or attempt to button my jeans. Yes, I barely wear jeans now 'cos all of them don't fit (too tight). 

This is my game plan for now as my appetite kinda is all over the place. I am attempting to subdue the ravenous stomach walls subtly. 

1. Have 1 biggest meal a day (lunch/ dinner)
2. Go raw/light for the rest (fruits, boiled vegetables, raw recipes)
3. Keep moving without intensive exercise (swimming, brisk-walking, dancing, etc)

So we'll see how this works out! I have began recipe planning again and am looking forward to it. Lets take a look through today shall we? Quite a confused start of the week if you'd ask me. 

Brunch at 1140am. Tried to cook oat bran with an Asian twist: FAILED! It was horrible. Boiled it in yeast-free Kallo's organic vegetable stock and added sugar and black pepper. Doesn't go, I guess it needs the milky taste from well, milk or alternative like almond/soy milk. Had it with stir-fry fish cake and beansprouts in vegetarian prawn paste.

What I did learn from this experience is that, I LOVE COOKING. Failing just makes me want to try something else again! So look out for tomorrow as I'll be going raw with something :)

I got busy for the rest of the afternoon. But I snacked a lot Kuih Bangkit after lunch and again after dinner. These snacks are really dangerous. Like pineapple tarts, chips and all these sinful indulgences... you never stop with just one. So stop kidding yourself, if you are like me and you can't stop, DON'T START! Thanks goodness Kuih Bangkit is relatively low in calories (high in sugar though!) so I probably burned it off pretty quickly. 

Rushed home and did not let any weather or silly excuses get in the way of my work out, swimming! I haven't gone swimming in the longest time and I was definitely rusty. Played about a bit and just enjoyed myself. Dipped in the jacuzzi to relax before showering and heading home. 

Here's a snapshot. I am going to be my own witness to trim of all these excess fat. You may say that I'm hallucinating or that it's uncalled for. But I honestly believe if I were to step on a weighing scale which ratios out my body fat content, it is going to be high!

Dinner was light and simple. Made a stop on the way home to get myself some Berrylite Greek yogurt ice-cream with strawberries, kiwi and oreos. Always the perfect combination.

So lets end this on an excellent cheerful note. 

We ought to never make food the enemy or "abstain" from them. Like now, I do consume dairy like cheese, yogurt and stuff. I listen, and I know my body is craving for these. So in moderation because there are times I run to the washroom several times because of certain types of dairy. 

What has been your indulgence that you cannot resist? How are you going to take that step of change today?

xoxo. God bless.

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