Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seafolly me

I have been hooked these days. Who are these girls? Why do I want to be like them? Because they are so everyday. I love how they look so normal and not photo-edited. I simply love it! Part of Seafolly, an Australian swim wear label, these girls simply shine to me. Embrace yourself!
Skinny has become so passe. I used to love being skinny, when I was. Though I could afford to lose some minor kilos, I'm learning to embrace more. It really is different when you wear a particular clothing and it is tight but you say, "well I guess this isn't meant for me after all" and chuck it back on the racks. You're not allowing how you look to be dictated by the clothes you choose, but you create your own unique look of how the clothes suit your body. 

Very daringly, and well, this is me. Yes, I'm not a Seafolly model like the one you see below, though I still aspire to be as I find them so trim and toned, but I can live with this; me. No one will love you any more than yourself. If you choose to pick at little things and be unhappy about it, chances are, you're just going to lead a very unhappy life. 

On the food note, I have been eating a lot, but that said, more meals than snacks. A lot of rice to substitute my absence of meat (except seafood). But it is really simple. My body detoxes pretty easily these days, so long as I do not put junk in it. Wait.. junk? What really is junk?

Most people should perceive that JUNK=MCDONALDS . That is partially correct. JUNK to me can just mean a bowl of wanton noodles. Why, why the MSG, salt, flavorings etc? It chokes my body system like choked pipes. I hate that feeling. So I constantly seek to cleanse myself everyday. Exercising when I can, doses of pure aloe vera as well as chlorophyll, cleansing herbal teas.... 

Okay, I admit, for an onlooker's view, it isn't easy being me. I'm probably close to something alien-like. But if you truly understood concepts like I do, then it isn't tough or even inconvenient at all. True friends should accept you. As my life carries on, I'm starting to realize who these accepting friends of mine are, who aren't. Bittersweet and I am just going to continue being me. I don't need people to love me for who I am NOT.

xoxo. God bless.

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