Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This time I'm not leaving without you...

Let me start with a song, "it's been a long time since I came around, been a long time since I'm back in town, this time I'm not leaving without you..." Truly, I love my blog. I love health blogging. But I have been really busy with my friend visiting and living with me, added teaching hours and things like that. 

Nevertheless I have to be proud and mention as far as possible I've kept to my AS RAW AS I CAN challenge. Broke 2 days, 1 was because I had simply ZERO raw food around me, not even fruits and the other was today because I am terribly ill. I lost weight for one part but gained drastically a lot 'cos I overate carbo dinners. I'm still meandering through this raw thingy, so lets learn together here in this space. 

I love this new place I'm trying to patronize often. The only problem is its distance. Balanced Living located at Sixth Avenue. Went there the other day and had a "3 course" raw meal. 

Started off with this, raw aubergine dip with raw flax crackers. The flavor was strong and satisfying.  
Then I had this drink called 'Pretty in Pink'. Raw of course. It is a blend of their home-made cashew milk, dragonfruit, strawberries, lime and honey. This really rocked! Strawberry milkshake, whaaaaa? This is the real deal!
For dessert it was raw blueberry cheesecake. Had a chat with the chef who later on offered my friend and I a complimentary fruity raw dessert. He said to get this sponge sticky texture, Irish moss was used! Not that I am going to attempt this dish in the near days, but it is a good keep in mind. 
Daddy and mummy bought me this Charcoal bread from Lavender bakery in JB. I love this bread! Have always loved it for quite awhile but it isn't available everywhere in Singapore. Why is this bread special? Because it is made using bamboo charcoal which aids in detoxification. I think it compliments bread very well as bread in starchy and hard to digest. 

As usual, I always LOVE strange colored foods. Green drinks, black bread, and truth be told I wish eggs were blue.

So here's a little look at my complexion with very light powder dusted. Compared to my laser days, the skin has cleared quite a bit and I am very satisfied. I believe my low sugar, low dairy diet and AS RAW AS I CAN challenge plus adequate sleep is the basis of my skin recovery.
On normal days I've been having really good dinners when I'm not home. Been craving salads and soups. Really awesome! This was Saturday's dinner at Salad Stop, habibi salad wholemeal wrap with Korean rice wine. I live for cravings, haha. Regular haunts and trustworthy ones are Salad Stop, Soup spoon and Cedele. Oh, Coffee Club too, kinda really loving that place.
Every morning starts off with raw shakes and I believe that is what keeps my blood sugar levels satisfied without peaking ridiculously at mid-day. The past two days I haven't had shakes as I ran out of fruits hence the carbo binge dinners. See, it all makes sense. Just remember, be aware. Always make an attempt to know what your body needs and wants, how to differentiate it all. 

Here's a little article I came across on belly fat. I always complain about my belly fat and my parents, brother, and sister. Knowing about its danger signs, I must stress and emphasize the importance of dealing with it. I want to lose my belly fat definitely! Yet I do know there isn't such a thing as 'focus area' when it comes to our body. You wanna lose weight at one part, then you gotta be prepared to lose at some other parts too. 
I'm still trying very hard but I see improvements. I do not crave unhealthy cakes or pastries anymore ever since starting AS RAW AS I CAN. Other than soups and salads, I do not consume dairy, especially anything straight up. 

I am actually considering to consume eggs now. Eggs really fill me up and are a good for our mood as well. Of course this means organic eggs. When I'm out, unless organic available, no eggs for me. Sometimes I give in to the Chinese ones called 'century egg' and 'tea egg'. This consideration is still inn contemplation. But no dairy still, for health and ethical reasons.

I want to keep up with this blogging. Hopefully in time to come I'll be able to travel around the world and visit organic/raw cafe, grocers and specialty stores Oh, farmer's market too! I hope to gain more knowledge in the health field and make a positive difference to my family, friends, people around and especially myself!


xoxo. God bless.

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