Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moving on


I went to visit my nutritionist today. The weight gain makes me sluggish, tired and worst of all, I've been falling ill almost every month. I'm glad to receive her words of wisdom, in health, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. 

Took a body composition test and my body fat was tipping over way too high. I'm actually a very small framed person. I hope my words do not make people feel there is an immense need to lose weight or that everyone is like me. We ought to understand our bodies well. As well as, the jobs I am taking up all stress importance on body image and skin, so this translates to my stress and worries about not being up to par. 

RECOMMENDED FOR ME was to try a protein and vegetables, fruit "diet" for one week and visit her again. She also encouraged me to eat meat and introduced an ethical hormone-free meat grocer to me. I'm still contemplating that but definitely there'll be fish and eggs on my plate for now. Organic eggs. 

A point I'd like to add, a confused mind will lead to a confused diet

I am terribly stressed right now, with my job, with my relationship issues, with family issues and it is just a terrible struggle for me. Been observing my meal plans and it is hay wire. Like I have mentioned before, my state of mind and eating habits are always intertwined so that is really dangerous for me. The fat that is sitting around my stomach and hips are equivalent to the weight on my shoulders that I bear. 

I try. I always try but now I feel as though I am failing. Every week yet another KG gained. 2 years ago I was 11 kg lighter. 

But like I always say here, being aware is the first step and the most important thing we can do for ourselves. I will not let me carry on like this. 

I hope to read more, explore more and fill this blog with more proven points. So people reading it can learn together with me.

We are all seeking the best for our health, our heart and mind. It is a journey. We should never cause ourselves to dislike this journey but rather take it with ease and learn how to do it the best way that we can.

Tomorrow is 30th of March 2012. I tell myself, enough is enough. 

For the issues I cannot do anything about, I shall lift them to God and stop worrying. For the things I can do better for myself (eat well, sleep well, live well), I shall do. 

In a few months time there will be a new me. This is my promise. For now lets carry on this journey with faith, hope and love. Grow together in encouragement. 

xoxo. God bless.

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