Saturday, March 31, 2012

I will stop giving in

Before I commence today's post, here are some interesting points to note. About "diets" and sugar. This is Sally Ann Creed's Let Food Be Your Medicine. I love this book and have been looking high and low for this to no avail. Not even in the States when my daddy was there. Been reading this at BodyInc's mini library. 

TIP: DON'T fall prey to fad diets, they ruin your metabolism, are extremely unhealthy, and deprive you of valuable nutrition. By lowering your basal metabolic rate, dieting can cause you to put on weight on less food!

MY RESPONSE: Yes, so true! I have been not able to lose any weight at all during my binge-starve cycle. It doesn't help to starve yourself or even attempt to with those weird "diets" they have out there. The term 'diet' ought to refer to a lifestyle, a way of eating. Not any extreme stunt.
SUGAR: Sugar has been called 'the great white poison' and rightly so I think we all instinctively know sugar is a BIG no-no. Not only has it been shown to contribute to every known degenerative disease, but it is a huge factor in the ever-growing problem of ADD/ADHD in children.

MY RESPONSE: TRUE! I am a self-confessed sugar addict. I get sugar highs. I crave sugar all the time. But being aware of my body's reaction, I've realized sugar only satisfies for the moment you're eating, the after-effects are uncalled for. Especially important for children. I will definitely NOT give my child any artificially sweetened goodies, nor would I have high-sugar intakes during pregnancy. It is important!!
Now that that's done with, lets move on to something I made yesterday to cure a sweet craving. This is Japanese eggplant (nasu) and veggies sweet miso curry stew. Really some weird ingredients going on here, but here's the recipe. It's self-innovated. A little sweet so definitely not for the non-sweet tooth peeps. 
Japanese eggplant (nasu) and veggies sweet miso curry stew
(serves 1)

1. Chop 2 baby eggplants, 1 small carrot, some mushrooms, garlic and onion
2. Add olive oil to the pot and saute the onion until fragrant
3. Add in the eggplants and carrot and saute till slightly charred
4. Add in the mushrooms, garlic and a pinch of curry powder, saute till fragrant
5. Pour in 200ml of stock (I used Kallo's organic low-salt vegetable stock)
6. When it boils, reduce it to a simmer and leave it till vegetables soften
7. Add in 1 heaping teaspoon (or more) of sweet white miso and stir till incorporated
8. Stir in 1 teaspoon of raw maple powder (or any other alternative sweetener)
9. Sprinkle in some rock salt and generous portions of black pepper
10. Stir well and add potato starch and water mixture to thicken

Then it is done! Pretty fast and simple. Some variations....
-Instead of thickening, try adding brown rice, cous cous or millet to create a full meal.
-Substitute carrots and mushrooms with zucchini, portobello or tofu!

I'm quite good except for the biscuit/cookie binges. Had 4 Walkers shortbread fingers (280cal!) yesterday and 10 home-made pineapple tarts (600cal!!!) today. Ideally I'm managing with 1000cal a day without working out. This is based on my body composition ratio that was calculated. I'm coping fine these 2 days, no particular hunger or lethargy. All's well :) Just the stupid and I would curse so bad, these butter overload! 

Today's meals are all photographed :) 

Breakfast, 930am: Blend of 2 Fukuoka green kiwis, 1 scoop Sunwarrior raw chocolate plant-based protein, 200ml organic Sobe soy milk 

Snack: My new and favorite Korean seaweed in wasabi flavor! I am a wasabi nut head, and I loved these. 28cal per packet and with not too much sodium. 
Lunch at 1.15pm, toaster oven baked organic frozen sweet potato fries, and stir fry broccolini in this most amazing sauce. You GOTTA try it. After stir frying your veggies, reduce the heat and add in a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and agave syrup. That's all. The sauce is so good I got a shock. Even mummy liked it!
Dinner 650pm, was all of these. Carbs free of course so, no rice for me. Anyway it isn't hard for me not to eat rice as growing up I never did eat rice anyway. My favorite carbs are probably porridge, noodles and bread. Anything refined, I can't take for now. Still cursing those Walkers and pineapple tarts. My maid cooked long bean omelet, stir fry cabbage and spinach, canned tomato sardine with onions and I roasted the remaining Japanese eggplant plus a zucchini. I had MANY servings of everything. 

I'm really fighting hard against this buttery cravings I keep getting. I know in time when I cut them off they will gradually flee my taste buds. But for now, I have to cut them off first! Damn the bulge over my jeans is just like my life on a short circuit, about to blow anytime. You know I have a pet peeve against belly fat, it just scares me when people die suddenly.

More home-cooking to come as I've just re-stocked today with organic free-range eggs, reduced salt smoked salmon, vegetables and fruits. This no carbo thing is going okay 'cos I've got my favorite quinoa for desperate measures.

xoxo. God bless.

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