Monday, May 30, 2011

Baked these awesome Vanilla sugar cheese biscuits this morning for my brother who is slogging for his PSLE and upcoming golf tournament. Adapted (and tweaked) from HEALTHY HOME-MADE FOOD FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS by Sara Lewis. It is a brilliant book! Can't wait to experiment with everything. I'm only one-third through the book.

The oven constantly beckons for me. Alas, I've given in. This is a breakdown of my meals today.

0740am: 1 bowl Quaker Oat bran cereal with 3 tablespoons Paul's natural yogurt sprinkled with molasses sugar
1200pm: Baked pumpkin with oats and a side of nuttelex
5pm: 11 red grapes
0617pm: Stir fry kyuri and dangmyeon with 1 hard boiled egg
1004pm: 1 cup Oats Nesvita + 1 banana

This lunch was so simple, adapted off a great blog, livingmintgreen. I forgot to add milk, completely! Haha, but pumpkin itself can be eaten merely steamed because it's so sweet and tasty!

Dinner was my maternal grandmother's recipe. I used Korean glass noodles; dangmyeon because it's thicker and I enjoy chewing and Japanese cucumber. Basically, when it comes to "Chinese" cooking, I adopt my maternal grandfather's style of cooking which consists of very simple condiments and sauces that I'm not going to divulge. It's a Chin secret. So as with Japanese dishes always consisting of mirin, shoyu and sake, my cooked "Chinese" or Hainanese style dishes also go the same way.

After my visit to the doctor in the afternoon, I went to Cold Storage, Novena Square to look for frozen cod. I didn't find it but as usual, I got carried away and ended up buying $40.00 worth of other foods. Spent another $30.00 at Solmart, a Korean grocery store in Square2. I'll share these items when I do eat them. I've one month to do all the cooking in the world, so this space is gonna be so wonderfully updated by yours truly.

After the check up, Dr Janice Khoo of Rafflesian clinic at Novena Medical Center said I've inflamed vocal chords and like I speculated some causes yesterday, I was right. Her medication might be a tad bit expensive but it works like a gem for me. Like today, 5 tabs and consultation is $45.00. But it's relatively cheaper compared to my usual gastric check-ups which are $70.00 and above. I'm just glad I know the cause now and shall continue eating foods that will not aggravate the throat. Till' tomorrow (hopefully)....

xoxo. God bless.

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