Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have been non-existent here for so many days!! I didn't even realize it. Have been busy with final assignment submissions, church activities and stuff. But here I am now and I shall make a conscientious to do this thingy. It matters to me how I document my food life.

Today for lunch I had some boiled carrots and boiled vegetable dumplings. Snacked on some sweets from Paris while watching a Hong Kong movie in the afternoon, had red grapes for pre-dinner snack at 5pm. Above is my dinner, Japanese rice salad, a recipe adapted from Annabel Karmel's Fussy eaters recipe book for kids. The book is so cute. Look at a snippet of the recipe I've made.

Visible enough, I made some really minor tweaks but I do not think there's an alteration of flavor at all. It was so yummy and a rice hater like me actually loved it! Here's a simple breakdown.

Ingredients I used: New Moon Thai rice, yellow capsicum, Fukuoka kyuri (cucumber), spring onion, vegetarian ham, avocado, rice vinegar, caster sugar, rice bran oil, President slightly salted butter

"How would you like your salad Miss?" "With a knob of butter please!" I am quite a butter freak but I personally take dairy free butter. Since Daddy bought me this President butter from Paris, I might as well use it. I replace chicken with ham as I didn't have any chicken lying around, yellow for red capsicum as red and green doesn't work too well with gastric. Just mix it all together and there you have a salad, be it warm or cold, it is delicious.

My throat has been so dry recently, it's a desert in there. Might be the fact that I've kinda overworked it with CWN band practices, presentations and the sudden coldness in my room thanks to the wonderful fixed air-conditioner. I'm starting to use the humidifier again, it really helps. So, more honey and liquid stuff for me this coming week as I'll be leading worship on Sunday.

I have no proper school this week ('cept for a mock exam and added lecture), it's officially my study break! 4 months, and another semester just went by like that. What does this mean? I have more time on my hands to experiment with food. Yipeee!

xoxo. God bless.

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