Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is this cute or what??? :) It's my first time using my Sanrio Hello Kitty toaster. This was my lunch. PLUM parsnip, cheddar and carrot mash with a side of 2 toasted Bonjour multi-grain bread slices and a slice of WeightWatchers cheese. Yummy yummy! It was the only break I got from studying today from 12-1230pm. 10am to 4pm, I was hard at work. Below is the PLUM package. Baby food. One of the tastiest so far, and it's healthy too.

While I was munching on a banana (pre-dinner snack), I thought long and hard about dinner because I had to leave for school at 620pm. No recipe experimentation here, just using whatever was in the fridge. 2 salt pepper grilled tuna steaks with a side of edamame and black olives in Japanese mayonnaise. It was delish, a tad bit too salty for me. I guess I could have afforded to go lighter on my Waitrose sea salt. Eating salt is a very unlikely present me. The recommended dosage of salt an individual should have a day is no more than a teaspoon. I try to keep mine as minimal as I can. Salty consequences include bloating, dehydration and gastric, as far as I'm concerned.

Now I'm home after my mock exam and after my shower I rushed to the fridge to check out what to have for a very late supper. Found a mini tub of Yoplait NOFAT mango yogurt and grabbed it, and a WeightWatchers slice of carrot cake to go with it. Now I'm just a happy person. My throat is a lot better, but I'm still going to get this Kid's dry throat strawberry flavored manuka syrup from Thomson Plaza tomorrow. Precautionary measures for my worship leading this Sunday.

I think yogurt is a super food and generally anyone and everyone should try and include it in their diet, ensuring that the label states there is Acidopilus to fight the bacteria in the human system. One thing about the current craze of yogurt out there is that it is far from healthy. The fruit toppings are mostly canned and do not even attempt to mention the other calorific stuff. Sure it is a good treat but it can amount to 3 or 400 calories per serving which is almost that of a meal. If you really wanna go crazy with the toppings, have it as a meal.

xoxo. God bless.


Evon T said...

tuna steak look YUMMY !!

陈达玲 said...

It was :) Didn't know you read this blog, so touched, hehe <3 Hope I don't tempt you too much. Haha.