Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please don't envy me, hahaha. Okay I'm so joking! Lunch was roasted broccoli in agave syrup. Agave syrup is a healthy sweetener that tastes similar to maple syrup and honey. Oh, I had garlic oatmeal shrimp too. It is so healthily cooked and delicious! Who would have thought our classic oily cereal prawns could be converted. I'm definitely going to make this again!

During mid-day while I was getting on with my studying for Environmental Issues in Business, seemingly the ONLY module, out of four that I'm actually studying (and worrying) for,... I digress. Okay, mid-day I made a pot of barley tea using a tea bag I got from Solmart yesterday, it's a Korean Baby's Mild Barley Tea. For babies! So I reckoned it would have been mild enough for my stomach. Generally barley tea is taken after meals to aid in digestion as it has a mild alkalinity that is able to combat the extra acid that is trying to digest the food. Well for me, after meal or not, anytime of the day there is always extra acid so having it as mid-day was nice. Daddy and I finished the pot of caffeine-free barley tea together.

Had a real early dinner in school during class at 530pm. Gossipgirl Sheila was peering into my sandwich pack and questioning if my food was even edible. Haha! I packed a toasted Hello Kitty sandwich! Filled with cashew nut butter, spinach and black olives in Bonjour multi-grain bread. Before you lower your glasses and throw me a questionable glance, the combination is just lip-smackingly fantastic! Spinach and PB is great too, just that PB would've been too cloying for my dry throat.

Bed-time snack was one mini-tub of Yoplait baby yogurt in Peach flavor, sprinkled with wheat germ and a Dole banana on the side. I'm pretty full now because the banana was a fat one.

More recipes are going to be coming up so please look out for it. I don't know how productive this whole blogging thing is going, but I do know that it is reminding me to constantly make health-conscious choices. I hope the little pointers of food and their benefits as well as disadvantages have come across effectively. I'm not one to impose ideas or what I call, 'in your face' kinda thing. Every individual has a right to live the way they deem fit, but there just are things we really could do better with.

God bless.

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