Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lets start with yesterday's dinner shall we? As mentioned yesterday, my stomach was kinda down in the dumps, but I had to fuel myself for night class. Had an early dinner at 530pm out of my Paddington bear bowl :D It was such a spontaneous decision to cook this Shitake mushroom spinach 'oat-so-tto' (risotto). Basically it's savoury oatmeal that consisted of sauteed shitake and onions, spinach, oats, water and sea salt. Topped it with a free-range semi-fried egg. Oats has a magical effect on gastric most of the time. I think it could be considered as a 'calming' food. Soothes the mood too! I felt a lot better after dinner as I barely had any breakfast or lunch.

Moving on, today's lunch was kinda messed up because I had initially planned to pack mashed Japanese sweet potato to school but I took too long to get ready that I hadn't the time for steaming. The school's 'pau machine' disappointed me further. I had a coffee pau with red bean paste filling that was so terrible! But my friend Kenneth had bought me muah chee (glutinous flour mochi buried in peanut and sugar) in the morning because he saw it and knew I liked to eat it. So touched to have such a wonderful friend! It made me a little too full on sweetness but I enjoyed this "old friend " of mine.

Later in the day, I came home for dinner, scanned my fridge and decided to use the remaining fresh sliced shitake mushrooms that I hadn't used yesterday. I'm NOT eating out of a cup, haha! It's a h.u.g.e soup mug Daddy bought me from Melbourne- he just got back before I cooked. I simply sauteed the shitake and diced carrots in olive oil, added a tablespoon of oyster sauce, a tablespoon of mirin, a pinch of black pepper and splash of water. Sprinkled some white sesame seeds too! I realized the stir-fry dish alone might be too oily for my stomach to handle so I just threw in about 2 tablespoons of white rice.

Plain white rice does miracles for the stomach too. Be it a case of gastric or the runs, it soothes it. I'm feeling a little hungry now in fact and that's great because then my bedtime snack would be even more satisfying!
My bedtime snack for the past week has been Nesvita 3 in 1, kind of an instant nestum + 1 banana. I've bought both flavours, the low-fat one and the oats. I prefer the low fat one, it's a tad bit sweeter. The oats has more of a 'pulpy' texture which I love too. It has been effective in calming my stomach for a good night's rest, in fact I really do sleep very well, and had good dreams too (heehee)!

So this kinda rounds up my back to health days. I love to read blogs on "healthy eaters" and find some motivation and inspiration to keep going, believing that what I'm doing is the absolute right thing. More recipes to start trying soon when I'm on full-gear! God bless (",)

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