Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yummy yummy waffles for lunch! I tell you, lunch was gobbled down in 10 minutes!!! That's a serious record. I usually take 10 minutes to eat an apple! But my call time was brought forward so what could I possibly have done. Definitely not waste any of these scrumptious healthy waffles. I bought them from Supernature, an organic super-mart at orchard boulevard. Van's wheat and gluten free waffles that do not consist of egg or dairy and is whole-grain! I tell you these are delicious! I had mine smeared with JIF's creamy PB(peanut butter), topped with tiny dollops of Sainsbury's strawberry preserve and a Dole banana on the side. I haven't had this combination in a long time. Love!

I rushed off for my shoot (what shoot?) ("BANG!"), alright, Lame. It's not allowed to be disclosed. I had pretty make-up by John. Just had to add some pictures in. During the shoot I completely forgot about snack time, but I was fine because my pants were still kinda tight due to the hurried meal. PB was a bad idea before the shoot, my throat got so dry I had to keep 'ahem-ing'. But no damage done of course, just gulped down water like a bottomless pit after the shoot.

I went to buy some snacks from VitaKids at United Square after the shoot since it was around the area. I'll share about them when I do eat them. For now, dinner was real simple. Cooked it in like.... 15 minutes, or less. 3 vegetarian meatballs (it's the chinese type of vegetarian), with stir-fry kai lan and shimeiji mushrooms. Don't the "meat"balls look so crispy? Would you believe me if I told you they were made with two gentle 'pssssst's of oil (oil from a spray can)? I shall let you in on the secret. It's....... toasted! Not in a toaster of course, but a mini-toaster over. It's looks deep-fried, taste crispy just like it, but.... NO oily-ness. I'm a great advocate against overly greasy food.

Right now I'm nomming my bed-time snack of 1 Pink Lady's red apple and a slice of WeightWatchers carrot cake. A slice isn't the size of those we see in malls but it's probably the size slightly fatter than a man's thumb. Portion sizes out there sets us up for some serious deception.

How to know your perfection portion? Simple! Open up your palm and clench it into a fist, that is the portion size that your meat should be at every meal. Yet ever so often many never realize. Well, if they like eating more than a 'fist', it's their call. I'm just saying what my doctor educated me on. Mad busy Saturday comes to an end. God bless :)

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