Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is one of the things I got from VitaKids yesterday. Organix's Blackcurrant soft oaty bar. I like how it isn't artificially sweetened and I can actually taste the original fruity flavor. It's a handy snack but honestly, I'd prefer fresh fruit any day.

So for lunch today, I really wasn't in the mood to eat. Munched on the blackcurrant bar, a heaping tablespoon of PB and a red apple. I was surprisingly satisfied because I managed to have creamy, chewy and juicy all at one meal.

Dinner time came and again, I hadn't any mood to eat. I wonder if it is pre-exam stress or the fact that I've work to submit this week again, but I listened to my body and just made do with what there was at home. Aunty Serene (Sharon & Shawn's mummy) made Yam cake for us and since it was sitting in the kitchen and happened to be one of my favorite local delights, I had a thick slab of it for dinner, accompanied by blanched kai lan, sweet sauce and sweet chili.

This sweet chili is really different. I'm taking a gamble on the fact that there is actual chili present in the ingredient list, however, I rejoice for the absence of tomato. Tomato is deadly, gastric sparks will fly. Most of our regular chili sauces incorporate tomato and that just multiplys the acidity by infinity. Currently, there is no scientific proof that chili causes gastric but it varies across individuals. Prevention is better than cure. I vividly remember what it is like to not be able to get out of bed, walk up or down the stairs.. much worse, to laugh or speak. I just don't want it to ever happen again, EVER.

My bed-time snack now is a packet of Meiji's plain crackers. I simply love it. It's healthy, filling and tasty. But generally crackers aren't that good for the throat and since I'll be needing my voice on Thursday and Friday for Corporate Worship Night, I better keep myself in check.

My plan for the one month break after exams would be to begin exercising. By that I mean probably treading the treadmill at brisk walking speed (running makes me dizzy- anemia), or signing up for some moderate tempo workout class at Amore fitness since it is conveniently located at Thomson Plaza. Exercising is a holistic approach to health and over-all well being. I really should quit being such a couch potato.

What is in store for meals next week? I reckon minimal home-cooking because school hours are going to be longgggggg. But I hope to still be able to share my health-conscious decisions wherever I am. Note to self: WAIST NOT!

God bless, lotsa love.

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