Monday, May 23, 2011

The weather is so ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous, it is repulsive. Or maybe it is just that my air-conditioner has broken down FOR GOOD. Until it is replaced with a whole new one, it's just me and this heat. I'm considering sleeping on the sofa in the living room for some blast of cold air.

I had lunch in school today, the day was exceptionally enjoyable. It always is isn't it? Friends never seemed closer during the last week of lessons. Gonna miss my lecturer and friends loads. As we were in the midst of a project meeting, I didn't really have much of an appetite but I knew I was a tad bit hungry (gastric juices at work), so I settled for a vegetable pau and that was it. Mid-day I ate a wedge of papaya from the canteen to fend off hunger till' dinner.

Dinner was an "instant" but nutritious meal by Xndo. Mango fish rice. I simply love it. See the HUGE chunks of dory fish below? Probably not substantial enough a meal for the average human, but since I barely eat rice, this minimal calrose rice was filling enough. But after dinner I did crave a little something sweet, since I had barely eaten much the whole day, I reached for an apple cinnamon jam-filled cookie Daddy bought from Melbourne.

I had dinner in the back yard by myself today as I needed the time alone. It was only LV, me and a UK food magazine. Maybe because I had no other food lingering around me, I was able to refrain myself from binging on sweet things, maybe it was the appetite-less me, or that I have become health-conscious for good. I hope it's the latter ;)

Supper is kinda weird too, a red apple and a cup of low-fat Nesvita. Cold and hot? Nuh-uh. But it is in my tummy anyway. I feel so listless and tired. Appetite-less and.... just out of body kinda thing. I really think it is the weather. It must be. Whatever it is, I shall eat right and live right and this repulsive disgusting weather will not affect me.

If you're wondering why I've never posted pictures of breakfast before, that is because I eat the SAME thing every single day. Except days I'm specifically unwell, or am full. I'll do a breakfast post when I have the patience to snap my breakfast step by step. I'm sure I will amuse you with my rigid-ness and routine styled breakfast.

In the meantime, lets all load up on some awesome most tasty............H2O. Haha! Water HAS GOT to be the best drink on this earth. I like mine hot. How 'bout you?

God bless!

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