Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breakfast is never a good one unless it's quiet, with opened windows and a good cook book/ magazine in hand. One of the cook books that I ordered from UK is here! Okashi by Keiko. I simply adore her recipes and have been tempted to buy this book so many times but the price threw me off a little. Nevertheless, I have it now.

Breakfast was simple. Barbara's Multi-grain puffins in Magnolia Oat and Fresh milk. I love breakfast! And I'll say it again, and again.

Lunch was with my family at City Square mall's Olio cafe. Loathed it. Stupid menu. But kudos to the staff for being flexible. I had a Soft shell crab salad that was made up of deep-fried(ack!) soft-shell crab, mesclun leaves, cucumbers and grilled asparagus. I requested for no dressing and a wasabi mayonnaise on the side. Very unsatisfying lunch. But... it's over.

Really loved my pre-dinner/ "mid"-day snack, it saved the day! One Dole banana smeared with a little less than a tablespoon of.... coconut butter! Can you imagine? It's only ingredient is raw coconut. No salt or sugar or oils! Excellent. I've never been a fan of coconut, but now I'm sold. It's very healthy indeed. Artisan Raw coconut butter from Four Seasons Organic Supermarket.

Pardon the drawing at the back, I'm just working on a little Father's day sketch :)

Dinner was simple and delicious. Blanched Kai lan and poured a teaspoon of Ginger juice over it, made Japanese style syrup-ish chikuwa (fish cakes). So easy and of course I had my health variations, substituting shoyu with a low-sodium version and sugar with agave syrup.

My Loot! (continue reading...)

My craze for health bars is never-ending. The endless pursuit of it. Since I was at City Square mall, headed over to Four Seasons Organic Supermarket which is one of my favorite places to buy cool food. These above are my current loot. Kashi Pumpkin Spice flax granola bar is from Real Food at Central, Clarke Quay. Rice Krispies snack bar is from London, Daddy bought be two boxes of six. The other three are today's happy buys. A goji berry bar, All Natural Bakery Strawberry Yoghurt oat slice and.... a LUNA bar! I've heard a lot about Luna bars and when I saw it I didn't think twice. Definitely not a flavor I would eat- Smores, but I'm so gonna give it a try.

xoxo. God bless.

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