Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't these words make a lot of sense? Cute!
Lunch was prepared in like 5 minutes? Had PLUM carrot & lentil with cheddar and 2 Bonjour multi-grain Hello Kitty toasts lightly smeared with Cashew nut butter. I'm such a fan of nut butters. PB is one but the most calorific of all, then there's cashew nut butter and almond butter. My favorite of the lot is almond butter. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, great for the skin, the mood and is supposedly good before bedtime too, for a calm night.

I was studying at Serangoon Gardens Country Club (SGCC) in the afternoon. The whiff of French mums eating was kinda tempting. I mean I haven't eaten fish and chips in about a year or two. But I shall not be moved! I can always come up with my own healthier version right?

I got home at 430pm, had a snack of dark red USA cherries and half a banana. My throat got really dry after that. I know banana causes phlegm but the dryness was bad. I tried my best to deal with it.
Then I baked Wolfberry Char Siu Chicken with a side of Kyuri (Japanese cucumber) salad for dinner. I've made this chicken before but had pan-fried it without oil. This time no fried food for this throat of mine. It's delicious, as expected. No sugar, no salt, no pepper, just a teaspoon of Lee Kum Kee's char siu sauce and 2 tablespoons of mashed wolfberries.

I have a serious obsession with char siu SAUCE. It's basically a honey sauce with red coloring. No brand comes close to Lee Kum Kee's. But of course the best of all is the fresh one at the stores. They'd never offer it to customers, you so gotta ask for it. Mummy always gets me a packet of the sauce and I'd just drench plain rice in it. It's really unhealthy, so when I found Lee Kum Kee's bottled sauce for convenience, I was delighted.

I've been under a considerable amount of stress lately. Inevitable though, worship leading and exams is a tough combination. But the song Hope of all hearts just dropped in my heart and I feel so assured. Sometimes the tougher things get and the harder we persevere, believing in the One who is above it all, the outcome is always sweeter. I'm believing for such an outcome.

Of course cooking really relaxes me and makes me happy. It's therapeutic, just like watching television is for me. I'm glad I have a family who supported me ever since I first attempted cooking. Whether it was nice or inedible, they'd still eat it and say it's nice, except my evil sister, haha. But they all mean well and it's because of their love I had the boldness to try different recipes. I am blessed. Thank God.

xoxo. God bless.

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