Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lunch. Speedy and quick amidst studying. Used the last two slices of Bonjour multi grain bread and made a Grilled Spinach WeightWatchers cheese sandwich with black olives. It was yummy and not too heavy to put me into a food coma. Studying resumed half an hour after lunch.

In the mid-day, I had a mini cup of warm Manuka honey water to prepare my throat for singing at night. I also an Almond date which is actually just one red date with an almond inside. It's a whole box of it that Daddy's friend had given to us at one of the Malay weddings.

Dinner was real early, 5.09pm to be exact, haha. As I had to be at church by 6pm. I cooked a cannot-be-any-more-plain-than-plain Carrot Porridge with a side of 3 Vegetarian meatballs. I needed something that would digest easily and not make me feel like it's hard to sing. Porridge works every time.

My meals today are B-O-R-I-N-G. I'm quite the fussypot. The word 'quite' is definitely an understatement. I'm the type of person, say for example I want to eat..... popiah. I will not just eat popiah, I will eat my favorite popiah found at whatever particular store. I don't understand how one can just stroll right into a food court and order just anything. I have the most inane behavior, seriously, honestly. Here are a couple of my patronized haunts for my favorite foods.

Fish & Chips- Jalan Selaseh, Fish & Co.
Fish milk noodles- Buangkok MRT food court
Sandwich- Cedele
Soup- Cedele
Salad- Salad stop!, Cedele
Wonton mee- Crystal Jade

I think there's quite a couple more but I just don't remember. Same theory applies to food brands that I use to cook at home. I do not shift loyalty. I guess that is just the person that I am.

xoxo. God bless. What's for supper tonight?

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