Monday, June 6, 2011

Yesterday's dinner. Xndolicious. Hainanese fish rice. I love Hainanese food, this one had no tomatoes so it was a safe bet. With a side of blanched Japanese greens. If you're wondering how in the world do I eat plain boiled vegetables, well... keep wondering.

Packed lunch to school today, had it real early at 11ish. My face looks terribly pale, discolored and what not, so I attempted to blur myself out yet not entirely to the point of beyond recognition. Made a rice flour wrap with spinach, black olives and PB! Gosh PB and spinach are a match made in heaven I tell you! Love! Any nut butter and spinach is great. You'll be amazed! Lip-smacking goodness.

I got home at about 4ish and was starving by then. Grabbed a dole banana and 5 dark red cherries for a snack. Dinner was at 6pm, once again the Japanese rice salad. This time I tried different ingredients. Black olives, avocado, crab sticks and Korean mayo. It was rather filling-I'm not a rice person.

Look what I found in Cold Storage and Serangoon gardens today??? My childhood all-time favourite (next to Chicken in a Biskit) Walkers shortbread fingers has gone organic! I admit I'm quite obsessed with organic stuff. It's just a lot more ethical, not necessarily leaner but the route it takes is definitely more sustainable.

Right now as I type I'm having my bed-time snack of 1 USA nectarine and a low-fat 90Cal Oatmeal raisin Quaker granola bar. I've been craving peaches for way too long. Nectarines will do for now. I'm very happy with my body now, it's very disciplined and not too problematic. I've been eating my craving foods without compromising on health and quality of meals. The Koreans say it perfectly, "it's all about balance."

xoxo. God bless.

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