Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi!!! It's Tuesday. Stay home Tuesday with the books which honestly I barely touched. Been spending the whole day walking up and down the house and time just flew by. I do ridiculous things. I am ridiculous. Had warm milk with mixed cereals for breakfast, as usual.

By lunch I wasn't too hungry, investigated the vegetable compartment of the fridge and found winter melon. Just the thing I needed. So stewed winter melon and mushrooms it was! With a side of one fried free-range egg with Organic sweet chili sauce.

I was feeling rather sluggish at mid-day. I looked the part too. So I kinda had a whole handful of sweets, that was real bad. They call it empty calories. I'm not so much worried on the calorie aspect, but rather that it might set off unwanted hunger pangs. Thank goodness I was in control of myself.

Dinner was another adapted recipe from HEALTHY HOME-MADE FOOD FOR BABIES & TODDLERS by Sara Lewis. Fisherman's pie it's called. I didn't tweak the recipe at all, so it was really.... baby's food! No salt, nor sugar, or any flavoring for a matter of fact. Simply poached a frozen skinless and boneless pollack together with peas, corn and Japanese potato (not sweet potato) in Organic valley lactose free low-fat milk. So you kinda get how it'll taste. I had it with 2 whole wheat Digestive biscuits from Doves Farm Organic. I'm a biscuit with food kinda person. Been doing that since I was a kid and have been getting disgusted stares ever since. Who cares, I love it! My top choice is Chicken in a Biskit which I'm going to buy after my exams and start eating like I always did. It's especially good with soft foods like porridge, stews and soups. Yum!

Right now, snacking on a red apple and the 90Cal Quaker Oatmeal raisin chewy granola bar, again! It's been 5 days already I think. Still on the hunt for the 25% less sugar cookie and cream flavor. I get terribly annoyed when I can't eat what I crave. Especially amidst stressful times, a satisfied craving can do so much.

xoxo. God bless.

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