Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm not posting any photos of what I ate today, it would scare you. But I could tell you.

Breakfast 730am: Quaker oatmeal squares and Post maple pecan crunch in warm Organic powdered whole milk
Lunch 12pm: 1 New Moon chicken Taiwan sausage + stir fry bean sprouts
Pre-dinner snack 5pm: 1 Dole banana
Dinner 550pm: Over loaded Japanese sweet potato milk soup
Bedtime snack 1005pm: 1 Royal gala red apple + 1 Quaker Cookies & Cream chewy granola bar

My lunch and dinner were just kinda messed up, perhaps cos' of the messed up feeling I'm getting with all this studying. Met 2 of my Gossipgirls Evon and Amanda in the afternoon to study. Stressed much? Yes!

What is this almighty snack you see? Chicken in a Biskit! That is right! Well this is the original packaging that I very vividly remember eating from. I started munching this probably in kindergarten, and the love affair began, never having died down. I was at United Square's Cold Storage at the later part of the afternoon. Well we all know they've changed it to some slimy green packaging now, but they've introduced 2 more flavors too. How atrocious. Chicken in a Biskit is a class of it's own, it does not need brother/sister products. Yes, I can be rather anal about these things.

I've been hooked onto bars again. This explains how I've eaten Quaker granola bars for almost a week consistently. But bars nowadays are so deceiving, a calorie and fat trap. If you do not read the labels clearly, you're just gonna have a growing belly and remain clueless as to how it came about. Quaker itself isn't all that healthy despite being at 90Cal, but they are not detrimental, so I continue devouring, I mean savoring them. Now I'm really looking for these Lara bars and Rice Krispies Treats .

Ideally, to read the ingredients, simply just try to identify big no-no's. These include vegetable shortening, palm oil, high fructose, hydrogenated oils and quite a few more. These can be really unforgiving to the waist-line and to our health. I've become quite averse to palm oil products. The thought of it kind of repulses me, I wonder if that's too strong a word but I really dislike it. Hence I divorced Nespray milk powder and am now having a steady relationship with Claridges Organic Whole milk powder.

Talk about being ethical. How can products claim to be of high health benefits when they are not passing the "health mark"? These standards are yours to set. If everyone lived consciously, the world would be a better place (or an over-conscious mess?).

xoxo. God bless.

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