Friday, June 10, 2011

THIS! Has been my breakfast for the past 3 days. I have been craving natural yogurt, that sour creamy taste is so delicious and soothing to any acid-ified tummy. It's a combination of Sweet Home Farm's French vanilla granola, with chopped nectarine, topped with Paul's all natural yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup. Can anything spell YUM better than this? Yogurt apparently is one of the few cold food that I can tolerate (and sushi).

I am not intending to upload pictures of what I ate today because I was starving and took some quality-less pictures which I am now ashamed of. Hence the absence of it. I'd express it verbally.

Lunch: 1 grilled New Moon Taiwan chicken sausage + stir fry bean sprouts and kailan
Dinner: Eastern Rice Dumpling's Brown rice dumpling + blanched kailan

After dinner I had a major over-eat, again!! This frustrates me to the core. I guess I was kinda starving throughout the day with the back to back examinations and skipped my pre-dinner snack, also I was really happy with examinations off my chest so these are my conjured up reasonings. Still, I had no excuse to breach my body's trust in me. I feel like I've disappointed my stomach. I do not feel guilty, just disappointed with my moment of "folly". I will make it up to you, tummy, I promise.

This was yesterday's meals. Lunch was super yummy. Ah gong's style stir fry leek with 2 toaster grilled Korean organic rice cutlets. Can I emphasize how much I loveee these meat-free cutlets! They are so healthy and filling.

Dinner was rushed. I got home at 6pm, starving after my examination and Mummy had already started boiling Lotus root peanut soup at 4pm, I was too tired to cook vegetables (you read it right), hence I settled for two kueh dar dars, a nyonya delicacy. If you're wondering why they look odd, it's because it's made by my grandmama! I love my grandmother(s). She didn't use the pandan juice which explains the white wrap and she has always preferred the use of orange sugar to gula melaka hence the coconut is orange not brown. But still nice and sweet anyway, satisfied my sweet cravings! Supper was a Fuji red apple and Quaker 25% less sugar Cookies & Cream chewy granola bar.

Overeating really makes me feel sluggish and sad because of my stomach's inability to digest, I always end up bloated and full for a day or two, yes, that long! Well it's an entire month of break for me, finally! After a year long wait. I will use this as an opportunity to continue achieving a desired state of wellness for my body and hopefully health ailments will steer clear of me.

Sometimes I wonder who will ever tolerate me.

xoxo. God bless.

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