Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food food glorious food! I'm finally getting excited about food again. It is just that the past one-two weeks has been quite a traumatic experience with the occasional gastric, binges and bloating which I'm still bloated by the way. But I'm taking baby steps. None of an extremist most definitely. Trying my best to go Dairy-less(I mean LESS) and Gluten-LESS, as well as cut down my consumption of processed foods and meats like beef and chicken (since I already do not eat pork). The reason being is simple, these foods stated above are hardly digestible in my tummy and it irritates me to a point where I think enough is enough. Made an appointment for nutrition help by BodyInc, Jacelyn Tay's health and wellness centre that incorporates both Western and TCM methods.

Hot hot Sunday morning it was. So, Kashi Go Lean cereal with Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1 chopped nectarine and Silk Vanilla Almond milk. I am so in love with this brand of almond milk! It has a thicker consistency than rice/soy milk, which I am totally enjoying. The vanilla gives it an amazing healthy sweetness, which I desperately need all the time.

Lunch is always light on a Sunday, I don't know why. I can't seem to handle a heavy Sunday lunch. So a banana smeared with coconut butter it was! With a side of S'mores LUNA bar. Okay this bar is highly raved about on health and fitness blogs, but the ingredient make up is not what I'd call healthy, with fructose, multiple ingredients, palm kernel oil, etc. I do not eat S'mores flavor either, but I grabbed it when I saw it at Four Seasons Organic Supermarket because it was... LUNA! I enjoyed it nonetheless, so I might considered it again. Always on the lookout for a healthy substantial one :)

Mid-day I made myself a greeeen smoothie or smoodee rather, with the organic greens I got from the workshop yesterday. What went in there?

Sera's Green monster

Ingredients: Handful of kai lan leaves, handful of sunflower sprouts, 1 Pink Lady red apple, 300ml filtered water and 1 tablespoon Manuka Honey

It was kinda thin, because rightfully there must always be a dense fruit present, which I didn't have at hand. Dense being, banana, papaya and such. Taste wise it was fine. The portion serves 2, so little brother had the other half, he said it looked and smelt weird but tasted nice. It is important to use organic greens and clean fruit because it is taken raw, and hence it is vital to ensure they are pesticide-free!
I had long awaited this simple, staple dinner. Steamed and coarsely mashed Japanese sweet potatoes with nuttelex and a side of blanched salt-free edamame. I was happy.

Now as I type I'm having my night-snack which is 1 packet of Meiji Plain Crackers. My fling with Quaker Chewy granola bars are over, or at least I think.

The idea is that, I'm getting really confused with my body's response to food, hence the "...-LESS" decisions. Hopefully after the consultation I'll have a better idea. But ideally, eating mroe fruits and vegetables is always the way to go. I'll never see myself becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, because my love for seafood goes deep deep. Nonetheless to adopt certain habits and practices is definitely a positive thing for myself. Sustainable living.

xoxo. God bless.

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