Monday, June 27, 2011

Food fuel. Food fuels our body. I felt really tired today. Must be the lack of strength-providing foods. I started breakfast with a mega cereal bowl for the hungry me. Ain't no Monday blues for this cereal princess. Kashi Go Lean cereal and Yogi Fresh Strawberry granola crunch in Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, sprinkled with cinnamon. Of course a good cook book in hand. Gwyneth Paltrow's My Father's daughter. Interesting family oriented cook book.

I got so tired that at 1030am, I sneaked in a 20 minutes nap before I got awakened by Daddy asking for some assistance with formatting his document. Make-up less, look at those eye-bags! (T.T)
I got pretty hungry when I woke up. Kept myself busy by browsing the my latest interest health food blog, Then 12 noon came and I had planned what I was going to eat for lunch already. I have a two-week basis meal time-table which I plan early with what's in the kitchen or what I feel like eating.
Two slices of toasted Ener-G tapioca loaf generously smeared with Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese and Nuttelex. Is this what angels eat in heaven?? Completed with almond milk. Seriously, I am in love with almond milk now. Lovelovelove!
I went out in the afternoon to run errands and got back at 5pm. Skipped mid-day snack cos' I was simply lazy, haha. I had dinner at... 553pm! All in one bowl, again. Lazy people's food. Vegetarian spare-ribs with a combined stir fry kai lan and egg drizzled with ginger juice and sweet chili.
I was watching High school musical 2 with my brother and having my night snack. Kinda full now in fact. One dole banana smeared with Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese and Yogi Fresh Strawberry granola crunch. I am a strawberry lovin' kinda girl.
Full, but happy. Tomorrow's the BodyInc appointment for a detailed nutritional analysis and guide line for gastritis.

xoxo. God bless.

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