Friday, July 1, 2011

Thia Macadamia dream bar was a big mistake. I'm fine with the 400 odd calories, but firstly, I hate macadamia and it just was terrible in texture and taste. So, never will I buy a macadamia bar again. I had it for lunch with Biotta Digest juice which aids in, as the name suggests, digestion. It works like a gem. After lunch I ate almost an entire ring of Pandan chiffon cake, a packet of oreos, Walkers shortbread fingers and Quaker oatmeal squares. Hateful, hateful! That would be my only and final meal of the day. I had very bad gastric which is slightly better now, but definitely no benefit contributed to my state of indigestion :( Nay.
I went to Four Seasons Organic Supermarket at City square mall in an attempt to get my act together. I bought power foods and I am intending to use a "Jacelyn Tay theory" to govern my food life: when we incorporate the necessary vitamins and nutrients that our body needs in our meals, we will not find ourselves craving or snacking on unhealthy things. I believe in this statement and it is going to be my practice from now onwards. Bought a couple of things, and after uploading the pictures I realized I forgot to remove the unsightly price tags, oops!

1. Blackstrap Molasses. High in iron and aids in digestion. A sweetener that can replace sugar and corn syrup. Rich in taste.
2. Peter Rabbit Organic pure rice fusilli. Egg and gluten free. Hence enabling easy absorption into the system.
3. Sweets to treat nausea. The Ginger people's organic crystallized ginger, with no added unhealthy syrups. St Claire's Organic tummy soothers for upset stomach, gas, nausea and indigestion.
4. 2 100% organic raw bars- Banana bread flax (120 cal) and Live pumpkin seeds (275 cal), relatively healthy and high in fibre. 2 all-natural fruit strip (40 cal each) in grape and strawberry. One strip provides 1/2 a serving of fruit. Only natural juice used to sweeten the product.
5. Chia seeds! Finally I've got them. They can be added to baked goods, or sprinkled on cereal/salads etc. They provided a creamy texture when cooked or blended into foods. An extremely good source of protein with anti-inflammatory properties.
6. Badger balm- Stress soother. I've been hankering after this for a long time but been hesitant because I do have balms of my own. But I've been feeling stressed recently over nothing much, but have not been doing too good emotionally and mentally. It's great to be used on the go when irritants peeve me :)
7. Today I drank Biotta Digest juice. This is Biotta Potato juice. It is an excellent alkalizing agent (yay for me), and it keeps the stomach walls warm and forms a protective layer. Just the thing to soothe my insane stomach.
I then finally made my way to BodyInc at Takashimaya to purchase my pills. It was a great coincidence to bump into Jacelyn Tay, the founder and owner of the place. She took it upon her duty to guide me with use of the product and more help on my condition, despite the fact that I had a staff attending to me already. She truly has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of herbal and TCM natural healing. I have to say it, she is my role model now. Beautiful, radiant, passionate about the things she does and most importantly, healthy.

These by the way, are NOT slimming pills. Miracal contain natural ingredients like Dang shen, Ginseng, etc which nourishes the digestive system as well as have positive impact on our body system's 'qi', which I have been analysed to be terribly weak. It helps to metabolize the food I eat so that it can be digested and get rid of this nagging bloated feeling and other digestive issues I have so painfully been facing. At $475 after a 20% discount I find it to be relatively reasonable given that it is their own special concoction and does an internal complete natural healing from the root. If it works, what is the money? Health matters most to my parents who are my sponsors. They just want me to be well, and happy. So do I.
These were the Manuka Strawberry drops I was talking about yesterday, I think? They are a great stomach soother. It is like having manuka honey coated all over the stomach walls, it feels great really! As the packaging mentions, "natural defence". I believe in letting food heal and restore (of course God takes care of everything), medications sometimes retain substances in our body which is difficult to flush out. Natural foods are highly beneficial, and having them organic means purchasing a more sustainable and cleaner means of food.
Okay, I am just going to be open and share my bloated tummy. I don't know how visible this is but it is bad. Especially given that I am of a rather petite frame and eat relatively healthy meals. It gets really bad and I woke up this morning with a stomach just like it. There is a huge comparison because for me, my stomach is generally flat most of the time. However due to digestive issues, after meals, bloating becomes so apparent and it interferes in my enjoying of the next meals and the whole idea of fueling our body. Once again, I just want to be well.
I love for people to be interested in their health and discuss issues with me that I may offer my opinions and "expertise" on. I believe in helping ourselves before we try to get others to help us. That means, eating well and praying rather than taking medication or invasive treatments.

I am such a health-freak so I'm getting extremely fed-up with my binge habits. I need to love myself more, I need to love myself more. Do you love yourself as much as you think you do?

xoxo. God bless.

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