Saturday, July 2, 2011

Recovery day. I woke up thankfully with an appetite but a pretty sore stomach, so gentle foods it was. A warm cup of manuka honey and cinnammon water, and a slice of toasted Ener-G tapioca bread topped with with mashed banana and a drizzle of blackstrap molasses. Not a very filling breakfast but it was good for the stomach.
Lunch was pre-thought of but the avocado in my fridge went bad *pouts*, so I changed my wrap mix a little. A rice wrap with 1 mashed boiled egg, black olives, sunflower sprouts and 1 slice of WeightWatchers cheese, all coated in Nuttelex. The cheese went down alright! So not moderation but minimal is the key here. While an average individual might have 3 servings of dairy a day, I'm cutting mine down to 1 and when necessary, none.
After lunch I started my taking of Miracal. Two tabs after lunch and dinner. It will last me for about a month and a half. No major effects felt or seen yet but my lunch managed to get digested relatively okay, allowing me to enjoy a simple mid-day snack.
Other than pineapples, I didn't have any fruits in the fridge other than oranges and apples which I didn't want to eat. So I very daringly ate chopped pineapple with a drizzle of raw honey. The honey did the trick I believe in making it more acceptable by the stomach. It was a refreshing snack which helped to induce an appetite for dinner. Yay much. See how the honey glistens!
Just done with reading this book. Low cholesterol low fat cooking by Christine France. It is an amazing book! Mainly advocating the use of substitutes for dairy-filled or greasy food. It includes the nutritional content of each recipe which I'm glad. It proves their honesty in coming up with these recipes.
I took my time to prepare this simple heart and tummy warming dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed. Both the process, and the outcome. Mummy said she feels proud of me, I do too, because I ate RICE! A staple of a gluten-free diet is rice, as rice is much more easily digested compared to regular wheat we find in our bread, wraps, biscuits and such. My rice mix was Japanese germinated short-grain brown rice and sweet rice (Japanese glutinous rice). So sticky and chewy, love the texture! I blanched some organic kai lan and lay it on a plate, then stir fry some Blue oyster mushrooms Mummy bought me, in oyster sauce, ginger juice and mirin. Salt and sugar-free. Tasty! Mummy and bro agreed and polished off their servings of this vegetable dish.
A closer look at the rice. Do you like sticky rice? I do, very much!
While watching 美乐加油, at 10pm, I snacked on a dry cereal mix which I now slightly regret. But I was too lazy to budge to look for something more fulfilling. It was just Quaker Oatmeal Squares with Kashi Go Lean, sprinkled with cinnamon.
I feel healthy today and happy that I managed to have 5 full meals! I might not be feeling too well but I know the worst days are over, for good hopefully... and it'll get better (much better) from here.

xoxo. God bless.

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